Our Dreams are a lot different then Reality

It's true, isn't it?

Because I know one thing--as a kid, I always used to dream of becoming a nurse. Now? Wow, me, what on earth were you thinking?! I'd probably puke during my first surgery. Or get impatient when some paralyzed person asked me to get them a drink of water for the millionth time. Or...

You get the picture.

I would stink as a nurse.

[I don't remember this, but my friend told me that] When I was younger, I used to want everything to be pink--I wanted my hair pink, my skin pink, my eyes pink, my house pink... man, even my future husband to be pink!!

First off, pink? Really? I don't even like that color really anymore. (I mean, I like some shades, but it's not a fave.)

And everything? Talk about pink overload!

Our dreams are definitely different then reality sometimes.

Well, I mean, not all of them are. I dream of becoming a New York Times (#1?) bestselling author and having millions of my books sold all around the world.

I suppose that's a pretty good dream, right? But in a few years, will that even be a reality?

I don't know what's up ahead, but what I do know is that God knows what's in store for me, and He's going to be watching out for me.

While I'm at it... what are some crazy dreams that you used to/do have that are obviously not a reality now and that you would be willing to share with me and all the rest of the awesome blogger people out there? :)

The Storyteller of Weston County, signing off...


  1. Oh man, I have billions of dreams that I strongly doubt will ever come true: acting in a movie; directing a movie, starting my own theater company; "rescuing" dolls and giving them away; playing Jo in a Little Women play; starting a magazine for Christian teen girls; you get the point. Though a couple of those I think could possible happen...Great post!

    1. I definitely think those could happen! :)

  2. Ok this is weird-- I all ready commented on this post and the last one and they aren't showing up!?! I'm goin to try this again and see if this goes through!!

  3. Hmm can't seem to remember ever having thought about
    what I wanted to be when I grew up when I was little.
    I was to busy playing with my dolls and making up lives for
    them to really think ahead but now....I find myself almost wishing
    I had started planning earlier, started saving money, studying up on
    such topics as I hoped would help in my future career (I mean it couldn't have hurt)
    and oh, so many other things all I can remember ever planning was getting
    married some day and having a family (and even that I didn't give much thought to)
    But now oh, goodness things come rushing up on me and I don't feel at all prepared.

    So this time I feel extra especially close to my savior. Trusting him to take care of
    me and lead me in the way that he would have me go. That is a great comfort to me in these
    times and I'm more than ever grateful that he saved me :D

    Thanks for doing this post I enjoyed it.
    Your Friend

  4. I have heaps of dreams!
    Becoming an Olympic gymnast and getting my countries first medal... then going to uni, or doing uni while I train and becoming a teacher, then getting married to my future Christian husband, getting a job, having a family, quitting my job to take care of my family, then going back to my job. aah... basically, I want to be a pro gymnast, be a teacher, be a wife, and be a mum. and most of all, LOVE JESUS WITH ALL MY HEART. :D
    "a man plans his steps, but the Lord directs his path". -I don't remember where this is in the bible.
    but when I was little, I wanted to be a ballerina and a stay at home mum because I did not want to go to UNI!! and no one could make me! even myself. well, I guess I did. :D

    1. Wow! That is so awesome!! I hope you get to fulfill your dreams!! :)

      I think that verse sounds like it should be in Psalms... anyway:)

  5. I'd wanted to have a rainbow house when I was younger. (I was crazy.)

  6. Wow. Everything up there you just described was me...except I don't want to be a New York Times bestselling author. :p

    I also wanted 12 kids when I was little...so...I can't say I had the best decision-making skills back then. :p



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