Tip from Me to You (writer stuff)

As a fellow writer talking to another fellow writer, I'm just going to be blunt.

Looking at inspiring pictures on pinterest doesn't always inspire the best story idea.


Phew, I said it.

I mean, yes, it does help some. It helps get the places and ideas into place. Like you could see one picture and think "now I know exactly how to describe this one place because I saw the picture". (as you can guess, I'm a very visual person)

But sometimes the best way to gain inspiration isn't by that.

It's by watching movies and reading books.

And having your own experiences that you can draw on from. (this is not to suggest that you pack your bags and head off to Alaska to go and research your Ice Age book)

But really. I think that watching movies is really helpful because I'm so visual, and reading the books helps because I can see how other writers describe things and how they make it seem real for me. (or how they made something seem unreal and how I would make it seem more real if I was writing the book)

Also, when I read a book, I keep my mind open and keep on thinking, "If I was writing the book, what would I do at this point?" Or, "How could you change this? What would have happened if this had gone differently?" (like me reading Alex Rider? "Hmm... what if the main character was a girl and she was in that restaurant with the glass roof as he hurtled over it on his motorcycle and..." Yes, a very dangerous thought, me reading Alex Rider...)

So that's my writer's advice for today. :) God bless... <3


  1. YES! :D Thanks for sharing! I totally know what you mean about being a visual person and reading books and watching movies! :D


  2. this is great and perfectly written, i wholeheartedly agree!


  3. Man! I was just thinking that about Pinterest yesterday! It's really nice and all that, but to actually get a good story idea a book or movie is far better. I'm very visual too (another similarity....)!

  4. Well, if you get an idea from a book or movie, I don't think it is that 'original'. Quite frankly, photos inspire me A LOT more. P.S. On your description on Blogger, I am almost exactly the same...quite shy until you know me. Then I'm a wacko that you almost wish you didn't know because of my wacko-ness...well not THAT wacko...

    1. I don't mean that you take their idea. But usually other ideas will spring up new ones in my mind. So they're more like prompters. :) And also, you can see how they describe things, and you can kind of see how you would describe something like that. :) Oh, cool! :)


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