Pernisia and Rowan--The Changer

By Poem Girl

I was having mixed feelings right then…one minute I was angry the next I was happy then angry then curious then scared and now here I was with a mixture of anger, confusion, relief, and fear actually the fear was just a dull throbbing again. I stared at the dark where Rowan’s voice had come from before asking, “How?” 

“It’s me Nisia.” Caleb called from above instinctively I looked up but saw nothing but black. I growled up at the black I could hear Caleb laughing. “Okay, okay I get it I’m the only one who still can’t see, how do we get out of here Rowan?”

“Here take this.” She handed me something coarse and long I gripped it slightly and immediately felt myself lifting from the ground I frowned and let go.” 

“Aaah.’ Caleb cried suddenly finding slack on the rope. ‘You weren’t supposed to let go. Grab the rope again.”

I shook my head. “Not until you guys promise to answer some questions, I seriously am going crazy here and no one will tell me anything!” 

“Fine, Fine just grab the rope alright.” Caleb said hastily. 

“Rowan?” I looked in her direction and was surprised to see that my vision was finally improving and she was crossing her arms looking quite annoyed. “Rowan…” 

She tossed her arms into the air. “Whatever just climb up.” 

I nodded at her and grabbed the rope watching Caleb slowly pull me up. He looked determined and it appeared to me that he was lifting me up almost effortlessly…how much had this elf thing changed him? And how did he get up there anyways I’d have to ask him right after I got done grilling Rowan.

As soon as me and Rowan where both up Caleb grabbed my wrist and yanked me ahead Rowan followed after. I was blinded again when we exited the cave but they continued to run and I was helpless to do anything but follow weakly after
finally after I was sure I was going to be blind and lame for life they stopped I crumpled to the ground clutching my sides and heaving long heavy breaths, Caleb seemed hardly touched by the run and Rowan was so used to it that she was only slightly winded. I watched as Caleb nimbly scaled a nearby tree and scouted out the perimeter while Rowan went off to look for something sharp to make weapons with. I felt so impatient till finally they said they were ready to answer my questions. “Okay so first….what’s a Wolf Moonworker? 

She looked at me with blank eyes. “I don’t know.” 

“What, what do you mean?” 

“I mean I don’t know.” She placed her hands on her hips. “I didn’t even know I was a Moon Daughter till they told us and I’m not even from this world.” 

“I thought…..” 

“That I was the all knowing forest girl?” I looked at her startled that was exactly what I had been thinking. “Yeah I thought so. Listen Pernisia I may know more about certain otherworld things than you but this Moon Daughter stuff is different, the Moon People where very secretive and the Legend of the Blue Moon was always closely guarded I know very little about it.” 

“Do you know someone who could tell us?” 

“I can tell you.” A musical voice answered; we whirled around a girl with pale skin approached us…

By Me

The boy with the tanned skin came towards us. I immediately picked up the stick that I'd been hoping to use as a walking stick and wielded it like a sword, putting myself between the boy and Pernisia.

The boy stopped, surprised. "Whatever is the matter?"

He might think he was winning. He might think that he was going to win. But I knew his type. Everything about him was too... perfect. His skin was unblemished. His eyes sparkled like stars. His hair shone like polish.

He was a Changer.

"Get away, scum," I hissed.

"Rowan, what on earth are you doing?!" Pernisia hissed at me. "It's just a little girl! Probably not even twelve!"

"He's got you in his grasp," I snapped at her. "He's a Changer."

"He?" she looked at me like I was crazy. "I'm telling you, that's a little girl!"

At just that moment, Caleb came rushing down the hill. I sighed in relief. Surely the Changer wouldn't be able to hold an elf in his power.

Caleb's mouth dropped, and he bowed on the ground. "You are the most beautiful being I have ever seen!" he declared.

Apparently not.

"What on earth are you talking about?!" cried Pernisia. "It's a little girl!"

"It's an angel!" Caleb answered.

"IT'S A CHANGER!" I shouted angrily.

The Changer just laughed.

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