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So, guess what I just spent the last ten minutes or so doing? You got it. Writing out everybody's names on little slips of paper and drawing them out of a glass bowl. =P Well, we've got four lovely winners! I'm excited to tell you guys who won! And for everyone who didn't? Thanks so much for entering! (if you wanted one of my designs, I would be more then happy [ecstatic, in fact] to make a design for you, just email me at andriaandalexdragorn@gmail.com and we can get started)

However, we do have four winners still, and I'm very excited to tell them to you.

(as I said earlier)

And who are these four?

The winner of the Let's Go Somewhere Theme by me is...


The winner of Britt's design is...


The winner of the Pixie Bells Theme by me is...

...Heidi! (ahh! I can't find your URL! So sorry. You know who you are. :))

And, finally, the winner of Gradient Grays is...

(note: I know some of you didn't get your first one, which might be kind of confusing. If you would rather have a different blog design, if you won one, I can redraw that blog design and give you another free one)

Congrats, everyone! :)

If you won one of my themes, you can invite me to your blog via email. My email is andriaandalexdragorn@gmail.com. Then I will accept, you turn me to admin, and I can install your blog design. :)

If you won Rose's design, go talk to Rose over at her blog, Truly. Madly. Deeply.

If you won Britt's design, go talk to Britt over at her blog, Daughter of the King.

God bless!

Be a hero,


  1. Ooohh!!! Thank you! This is Heidi. Sorry. My website is beingagodgirl.blogspot.com. I have just invited you to my blog. Welcome!
    Heidi Anne<3


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