A Slight Sorry and Some More Things

First off, sorry if you witnessed my previous post (that I got rid off/drafted) on your dashboard. Um, uh, I've been kind of struggling with some things, and I guess I just needed to get them written out. (I feel better already. How strange...) Either way, it doesn't matter anymore to me, really. It doesn't matter if you don't read my posts or ever comment ever, because I'm not here to get comments, I'm here to speak for Christ.

Second off, today we took my dad to the doctor's to get some more chemo. I don't know if he had radiation today. But if I can't keep posts coming at all and/or at regular times, then I'm really sorry, but what with my own therapy (for my torn ACL), Dad's radiation and chemo, house chores in general, and lots of other stuff. If you didn't guess from my last post, I'm not in my usual place. That's what I meant by "new girl"--there's new neighbors, new people, new church... but since there's no comments, who knows? I don't know if any of you read it. It's OK if you didn't. I understand how busy it can get... (man! Look at me!! I haven't commented on your blogs for forever... I mean really... a thousand apologies to everybody...) It's just... sometimes... so hard... anyway, if you could be praying for me, that would be amazing, because sometimes I really just need some help. <3

Other then that, I got to go to a library today!! Whoohoo!! #excited Got two new books out (we had a limit... man, it was annoying... yes, I'm the type of girl who checks out like ten books and makes the librarians go, "Read up!") and both of them have been pretty interesting so far. I've actually done a review on a book by one of the authors whose book I picked up today. (it's on Dragonmaster... unfortunately, I'm being too lazy right now to find the link =P)

As for people who filled out my interview... OH MY WORD I'M SO SORRY!!!!! I will post those ASAP (tomorrow, hopefully). *nervous laugh* Actually, I haven't been checking the "comments" section, just going to my posts and seeing where people commented in reply. #guilty Really big sorry about that... hope you excuse me...

I'm so excited about telling my name. I feel like we'll be on a whole new level together, know what I mean? Hope you guys still like me.... yeah... anyway, I'd better go. :)

Farewell. <3


  1. I'll so be praying for u, storyteller!!

    abrielle lindsay

  2. Aw, Storyteller I'm sorry yer feeling down. :( OF COURSE we like you!!! *ahem* you do have nearly 150 followers and you can count on it that most of them like you! (I say most because I follow a few blogs that I don't actually like, I just don't want to unfollow them). I completely understand your busyness: I always think that I'll have so much time in the summer, and then bang! I have a million things to do! Don't worry about not posting, I'm amazed at how much you do post! I mean posting every day on three blogs is a ton!!! As for comments...well, I mainly comment if I actually have something to say (I don't like to always just agree with the post, though I suppose that is nice). And for the past few days, I haven't had the time to comment!
    All this is just to say that I love you! And your blog, and all your posts, and everything about you! If I could meet one blogger, I'd want to meet you! You inspire me, really!
    Christina :) :) :)

  3. be you; do what you want (while acting in accordance with the Lord, of course). blog not because others want you do. don't feel bound to do it. it shouldn't be something that makes you feel guilty. I'm pretty sure we all understand, we've all felt like that. and we need to accept that it's okay to miss commenting or something like that, it doesn't make you lesser in any way. I feel that it shows strength and courage, in a way. our lives shouldn't revolve around this internet world; we need to enjoy this blessing in moderation. feeling bad about it is not necassary, my dear friend. know that God knows we know you know it's all good. :)

    xx Leslie

  4. I've been busy and haven't read your blog in a long time! Are you just reveling your name because you decided it's time, or is your book getting published {I connect these two together because the publisher puts your name on your book, so....}.

    I will be praying for your father!


  5. It's really hard when nobody comments and you have no idea if they're reading it or not. I have forty-three followers--not nearly as many as your hundred forty-eight--but I'm lucky to have at least one commenter who comments almost every single post. Sometimes it can be really discouraging to be a blogger, especially when you invest so much time in it and feel like your followers have become your friends.

    I'm sorry about all the hardships your family is going through. I'll be praying for you and your dad. Cancer has never affected my family, praise God, but it has affected families I know. And a torn ACL has to be so rough on you.

    Thanks for being open, Storyteller :)

    1. I agree... (I'll try to comment more! I usually try to comment whenever I see your posts, because usually you do book reviews and I always love reading those :))

      Thanks. <3

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Oh, you don't have to feel bad about it. . .you can comment when YOU want to! :)

  6. I know sometimes how it feels as if know one EVER sees your blog and it's like a downward path in blogging. lol

    I'm praying for your family and honestly hope you and your dad will get better...

  7. i totally get your last post, though. i've been reminding myself that it's not about the likes, pageviews, or comments. but i do admit it is very hard not to stress about those things. don't sweat it, because we love you!


  8. I don't know what your going through right now storyteller but I'll be praying for you =) I know that I've personally been going through some rough things lately but I've just found out that if I give God full control he always works things out =) I love you, I love your blog, and I want you to know that you are special! You are one of my closest blogger friends (at least I feel like we are close) and you are a great inspiration to me =)

  9. I know exactly how you're feeling and I will be sure you are in my prayers. <3

    lots of love,



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