Twilight's Last Night--Chapter 11, AS--Clear as Water, A chapter in which Wyn fends a girl off


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June, people. And July. And May!

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Either way, I need a huge story catchup. ;)

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last time

At just that moment a big truck pulled up in front.

"I wonder who on earth that is," muttered Farren, tucking her ball under her arm and starting towards it.

Gripping my script, I followed her. As we got closer to the truck, the passenger window, that was facing us, slowly came down. And suddenly we were staring into the face of Evan Jackson.

"Wanna ride?" he asked.

Chapter 11

"No we most certainly do not want a ride!" glared Farren angrily, basketball tucked under one arm.

"Farren," I hissed under my breath, "that's not very nice." I turned to Evan. "Where are you guys going?" I said "guys" because I noticed Sabrina and several of the other popular kids in the back seat. The person driving looked like Evan's older brother.

Evan got that triumphant smirk. "Oh, we were just going to go over to the park and hang out and..." he paused dramatically "...practice."

Practice? The play? And they wanted me to come along? I took a big gulp. Farren was looking at me like, "Well, you're not going to accept, are you?!"

"Could Farren come?" I questioned.

I didn't dare look her way. I knew her jaw would've dropped about ten feet.

"I... um... I can't," came Farren's nervous voice. "I've got to practice. Katrina and I were going to..."

"Oh, come on." Evan gave her his easy grin. "We were going to meet up with some of the basketball guys there, too--like Josh Wilkins and Jim Jones."

Farren gave him a look like "now why on earth would I want to go because of them?!".

"Now," Evan went on, "are you guys coming, or not?"

"I'm afraid that won't work for us," I found myself saying. "Thanks for the invite, though."

Evan shrugged. "You're loss." He added under his breath, "Loser." He nodded towards his brother. "Let's go, bro."

They skidded off down the pavement, leaving me and Farren in a smoking cloud of exhaust. Man, I hated diesels.

"I hate those weirdoes," glared Farren.

"We're better off not going," I agreed.


You are the rightful heir of this kingdom. You are really the Princess Arawyn.

I suddenly felt dizzy, and reached out to grabbed something, but there wasn't anything there. I collapsed on the ground.

You must find the Lost Locket and go and regain your kingdom before it is taken over by the Archduke of Corenth.

I was half hearing the person. I was a princess? The princess? How could this be? It didn't seem... possible. And yet was true. So true...

"Oh my gosh," I whispered. "I'm Princess Arawyn."

I have said everything I can say. I am now sending you back.

My eyes closed.

* * *

"Arawyn! Arawyn!" Damien was shaking me relentlessly. "Are you alright?!"

I groaned, pushing him away. "I was before you came along."

"I was here the whole time!" he protested. "First we came here, then you looked in the lake, and then you disappeared, and..." He stopped. "Wait, so do you know where my father is now?"

Brumby. His name went through my head. I hadn't been told where he was. All I knew was that... I gulped. I'm the princess. The Princess Arawyn. And if I don't regain the Lost Locket and come back, the Duke of Corenth is going to take over my kingdom.

I glanced over at Damien. The voice had told me not to tell him. I closed my eyes. How was I going to get out of this? How were we going to find Brumby? How was I going to find the Lost Locket? And how on earth was I going to be able to get my kingdom back from the evil duke? It just seemed like too much.

"So?" I flipped my eyes open to Damien staring at me hopefully.

"I... he's..." I trailed off, hoping that I could find something better to say then what I had almost said. "I don't know where he is, Damien."

He stared at me, heartbroken. "But... but you've got to know!"

Suddenly it came to me. "They're going to sell him."

Damien frowned. "What?"

I looked up at him, the whole thing becoming clear. "The sky pirates are going to sell him as a slave. We're got to hurry. Come on!" I grabbed his hand and took off running.


\ Last Time \

"Hello, kind sirs."

I whirled around so fast that I nearly fell over. Remember, Wyn. Everybody else thinks you're a boy. Don't blow your cover. I cleared my throat and narrowed my eyes. There was a girl around my age standing in the shadows of a nearby tree.

"Who are you?" I demanded with a glare.

She stepped out into the moonlight. She was... OK, she was really pretty. Like... I wished I looked like her. She had blonde hair and big brown eyes that made me shiver. Sir William was immediately on his feet, then on his knee before her, kissing her hand.

"Milady!" he cried.

The girl's eyes were still on me.

Wait. This... wasn't good.

"What's your name?" she asked with an almost amused smile.

Oh, stink. I hadn't really thought of that. Everybody just called me page or whatever.

"Um..." I trailed off. Come on, brain! Think! "Edward," I finally blurted.

She giggled.


* * *

"Are you two lost?" She said "you two" but she kept her eyes on me.

This wasn't good! This was like code red emergency! I had to tell her I was a girl. Yeah, that was it! But how?! Oh stink, oh stink, oh stink...

Sir William brightened up. "Yes, actually, we..."

I swiftly kicked his foot and interrupted him before he could say anything else stupid. "No, not at all, I know exactly where we are."

She looked me up and down. "You don't look like you belong here."

"Nope." I shook my head. "We don't."

"Our ship got..." Sir William started to say.

"We're just traveling through," I plowed on. "We won't be here long. Definitely not long enough to get to know people. We're not the settling down type of... um... men. We're more of those fighting traveling sort." How on earth did I come up with that?

She nodded. "It was nice to meet you, Edward. My name is Emily."

Oh, how lovely.


OK, OK, relax, Wyn, you can do this! Come on! Give it to 'er!

I made myself remain calm and folded my arms in a defensive posture. "Yes, um, very nice to meet you, too. Now, if you don't mind, we were about to bed down for the night." A.k.a. buzz off!

She smiled. "Oh, but surely you can't stay here out in the cold. My house is just over the hill, and my father wouldn't..."

"I think that sounds...!" started Sir William.

"...not quite to our needs," I hastily finished. "We're quite comfortable here. But thanks for the offer. I don't think we'll ever be seeing each other again. Good night!"

I grabbed my blanket, plunked myself down on the ground, and covered my entire body, head first, with it. I hoped she thought I was the rudest, most disgusting boy she'd ever met. Which would be, of course, because she was talking to the rather big-headed Lady Wyn who didn't like little farm girls getting the best of her!

"Well...!" I heard her huff.

As I heard her footsteps fading off, I gave myself the leisure to have an evil grin.


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