Why do we Idolize People?

When I was younger, all of those music artists and movie stars seemed so awesome. So... cool. Different. Like they weren't even human, their identity to me was just "famous person that everybody knows". They didn't seem real to me.

When I was older and started going to like concerts and things, I started to realize just how real these people really were. They're just like us, but their talents have already been shown to the world, known to everybody. That's when I started noticing the flaws that they made. Like at concerts, everything doesn't go right with the equipment and everything. It just made me realize even more... they're really human.

These people have real feelings, real emotions, real fears, real happiness, real insecurities, real difficulties, and real lives. These people, these famous people, are just that... people. They're not any more amazing then any of the rest of us.

But then why do we idolize them?

Sometimes it doesn't really make sense why we do that. They're just normal people like us, after all--just people whose talents have been discovered and put to use in front of the whole world. They were just in the right place at the right time to have their face plastered all over billboards and magazines. I'm sure lots of people want to be famous one day. That's an OK dream, as long as you don't let it become your whole life. But, if you do become famous, you'll realize that you don't change just because you're famous; it's just that everybody in the world now sees your life and everything that happens in it.

In that way, it's rather nice not to be famous; not to be known, not to have all of your failures plastered all over Yahoo! every morning. It's rather nice just to be "normal" instead of being "famous", somebody that everyone else idolizes.

Why do we idolize people? I don't know. But it's good to realize that those people are just like us and, in a way, probably much more lost then us, if they have not yet found the One who has created them and formed them for His purpose.

So don't idolize; enjoy. Enjoy people's talents, but realize that they're human, that they're going to make mistakes, that they're just like us. So enjoy. <3


  1. I really have never been a crazy fan of any actor or singer. But lately, just because I am getting older, I have been realising the obsession with actors. "OHHH! It so-in-so" and "AHHHH! HE's so cuute!" kinda thing.

    I cannot even make myself adore an actor. It just seems ... well, silly. And most of the time I find myself feeling very sad for actor/singers who have ruined their lives for fame.

    I am so blessed in Christ to have such wonderful parents who have protected me so much bad stuff out there!! :D

    BTW, I love the picture that accompanied this post.

    1. It's especially annoying when an actor you hate is good looking. :/

      I know! Exactly.

      Me, too! :)


  2. I find myself doing this a lot more often than I should. Thanks so much for posting this...I guess sometimes I just doesn't occur to us that other famous and popular people also have troubles.


  3. I do this a lot. I practically idolize different actors/singers and need to realize that they're normal people too :)

    1. I know, sometimes it's a weird thought, isn't it? :)

  4. Geez, this just gives you so much to think about! Thanks Storyteller!


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