Take a Hike!

No, I didn't get mad at somebody and yelled, "TAKE A HIKE!" No, nobody got mad and said that to me. Actually, I went and took a hike... (read previous post. This hike was my adventure.)

We started out in a cute little park area. The lighting was just beautiful on the green trees. Of course when I saw that Mom had brought the camera I took it and got a few pics... though they can hardly show just how beautiful it was when I saw it. #wishingeyescouldtakepictures

As you can see, there was an awesome bridge with a little waterfall. AWESOME. We had some fun taking pics on this bridge. (well, I was the one taking the pictures. They were the ones posing. =P) I love the sounds of a waterfall...

Ah, yes. The Stone Bridge. Actually, I have no idea what the name of it is. I just decided to name it that like, um, right now. Mostly because it was an awesome huge stone bridge that I had lots of fun taking pictures of. (yes, I did spare you several more pictures of this. See, you should be happy! :)) For some reason it reminds me of like Narnia or something. Strange...

The steps up the hill. Thankfully not as much a muscle killer as I thought. #finallyagoodthingaboutrunning Dad was a real trooper. Even though he has cancer, he was just moving along...

I turned backwards and took a picture of the steps. What? =P

Picture of the kind of view from the top of the trail. Soon comes the part we have to go down the hill...

A rock. How lovely. Well, come on. We had some pictures on top of it. So of course I was going to take a picture of just itself. :)

This is all part of a huge rock outcropping with that was hollow inside. The above two pictures are inside, and the first one in this series of pictures shows the way in... The other ones are of the outside of the rock. Now that was fun to climb into. The rock inside was all smooth, and I was told that was because of all the people who'd been in there. This is me--"You mean that it's smooth because of hand grime?!" Yeah, great job, Anna...

And, finally, the wooden stairs that led us to the bottom of the trail again. Ah. What a very nice mental hike following my one yesterday. lol =D

Well, I hope you enjoyed following--err, going in front of me??--on my hike from yesterday. Do you like hiking? What's your favorite part? Do you like more challenging trails or do you like the easy ones? Do you like taking trails in the country or trails in the city, say, like, at a park or something?

Ta ta for now...

Be a hero,

P.S. Last night I had a really strange dream. I dreamed that I had another blog that had like 1000 followers. It was very strange...


  1. I like going on tramps through the woods..if that counts as a hike...;)

    1. Of course that counts. :) And it stirs the imagination... ;)

  2. Um....I write a lot...like a ton and read and blog and draw and...you get the picture, What I'm trying to say is
    I'm not really in shape for hikes I'm thin and stuff but not well...you know in shape I simply do not get out enough
    so back to the point of this...I don't care for hikes a whole lot...maybe if I was more in shape I would like them better but I did enjoy my hike up Mt. Harney up in the Black Hills of South Dakota, Yep that's where I went on vacation and also yes I'm back....and glad to be, let me say that vacation wiped me out...kinda funny I'll be leaving on a Church retreat next Friday...:D hahaha
    Your Friend


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