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I haven't watched The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian in more then a year. I only watched it once--and that was on YouTube. (you can imagine how hard it was anyway, what with all of the dark scenes and not always having it in the best quality... not to mention that I missed parts of it. Like them leaving...?!) So you can imagine how excited I was when I went to the library and saw that they had Prince Caspian and The Voyage of the Dawntreader!!

Me: *jumps up and down and starts squealing*

Of course I immediately grabbed both. Last night I got to watch Prince Caspian, and I'm planning on watching the Voyage of the Dawntreader today. *feeling excited*

Oh my gosh, though. Peter was being such a big jerk!!! Sorry if you love Peter, but I wanted to punch his nose off! UGH. I can't even think about it. I'm going to get too mad. =P lol One of my favorite parts was when Edmund put his dislocated arm back in. haha oh wow, that was so funny. :D (sorry if I sound horrible... he was just being such a big jerk and all)

It was kind of funny, because I was watching it with my parents, and my mom, who studied some French when she was in high school, was like, "Man, Caspian sounds French." I kind of gave her a look like, "He's from like this other country. He's not French." Though thinking of him as French kind of made him sound more French and... yeah... (by the way, has anybody else noticed that really awkward moment when they've just met Caspian and Edmund and Susan come over the rise?? That was just... wow... awkward... Susan, I feel your pain...)

Susan... I've always told myself not to like her because in the end, I know she stopped believing about Narnia and thus doesn't get to come with the others back. That has always just made me so sad. But in Prince Caspian, it made me realize, especially in that one scene where Lucy and Susan are talking while the others are asleep, just how much like a real person she seems. As for her kissing Caspian... *cough cough puke puke*

Which gets us to Edmund. Oh my word. He's so nice. Come on. Admit it. Since he's learned not to be a jerk after his confrontation with the White Witch, he's just been cool. Like the kind of big brother awesome cool dude that you want. (he actually reminds me of a kid I know. Kind of. Like just how he looks and sometimes moves. It's weird. =P) He got a lot of my favorite lines in the second film, too. And when he's the only one who believes Lucy that she saw Aslan? *sob sob sniff sniff* I think I'm going to cry. That was just epic. High five, Ed.

And finally. Lucy. My favorite character ever. I've always loved Lucy. Her relationship with Aslan sometimes reminds me of me and God. I always just want to run into God's arms, just like Lucy always runs to Aslan. I love that. That's so great. She always hopes. She's so loyal. So kind. So scared, and yet so brave. She reminds me of myself in so many ways. Lucy is so amazing. <3 I will always love her character. <3 And I think Georgie Henley does an amazing job portraying her in the movies. <3

Yeah, well, sorry about my rather long talk about Narnia and everything. :) I just love it so much; it's such an amazing world. I love the books and the movies, which is pretty rare in today's world, if you ask me. Who's your favorite character? What's your favorite of the three movies and your least favorite? Who's your favorite Pevensie kid? Who's your favorite actor? Which actor do you think does the best job? My favorite movie, by the way, is the first, then the third, and then the second. ;)

And now onto my next announcement.

Well, I don't know if you get these, but do any of you guys get those frosted mini wheats with the Monsters University advertisements on the back? Well, my mom and I decided to get some music downloads, so guess what? I got to pick! As you can imagine, I was very much excited about this... (I mean, come on... music+from my favorite Disney movies=awesome writing music) And so what did I pick?

The first one is like my favorite listening-and-writing-song... EVAH. It's the main theme of The Pirates of the Caribbean. (actually, it was a form of it, we couldn't find the official theme) I've been wanting to get this song for like forever, and now we finally have! I was so excited. This song is just so... so... so epic and amazing! If you haven't heard it, just type up Pirates of the Caribbean Main Theme on YouTube. Then you will know this awesomeness. <3

And what was the other one?

Well, there's this one song off the Narnia Soundtrack called "Only the Beginning of the Adventure." (don't know that one? Don't sweat. Just look it up on YouTube. If you've watched Narnia, I'm almost positive that you'll recognize it.) It's soooooo pretty and beautiful. I love it so much. <3 I love both of them so much. =D

I'm listening to them right now on replay. Oh, the joys of music...

Well, I'll talk to you later. God bless.

Be a hero,

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  1. Hehehehehe! I adore the Narnia movies so much! Have seen all of them!

    Died laughing at your puke puke thing over Caspian and Susan kissing! Talk about the most gross thing on the planet to happen! Was. So. Unhappy. with that part when I watched it! :(

    *ends rant*

    Oh man! I love "Only the Beginning of an Adventure" from the first Narnia movies so much. Could listen to it all day long really! :)


    1. Me, too!! :)

      lol really? haha :D

      I agree:)

  2. Ohmygoodness!! My EXACT opinions on Prince Caspian!! I hate how they made Peter a jerk, he's supposed to be supportive of Caspian and very reasonable!! And Susan, my same thoughts with that scene, she's so realistic! Oh, and that stupid kissing at the end, so disappointing. Edmund is my favorite! (I know I've said this a million times, but..)I agree! And of course, Lucy rocks! I am just very disappointed with that movie, how they storm the castle, and how idiotic Peter acts, and how odd Caspian was, too!
    Whew! That was a lot, but I just watched it last month for the first time in like three years, so I'm still steamed up about it. :P
    I love the books, though. I've read each at least five times, and listened to Focus On The Family's audio version several times also (it's very good, get it if you can).
    Now to actually answer your questions:
    - My favorite character is Edmund.
    - My favorite of the movies is definitely the first, it's the truest to the book. My least fave is Prince Caspian, no doubt. The Dawntreader is good, but stills strays quite a bit from the book.
    - Fave Pevensie kid? Edmund
    - I don't know anything about the actors themselves, but Georgie seems really neat. :)
    - Hm..I've never really thought about this, but it's kinda tough because Peter and Susan's characters aren't exactly true to the book. Skandar and Georgie do a great job.
    Did you read all that? Wow, that's endurance. :)

    1. I. KNOW!!!!! RIGHT?! (Yes. Edmund is cool. 'Nuff said. ;D) :)

      Thanks so much for answering my questions! :) It means a lot. :) I agree... Skander and Georgie do amazingly. :)

  3. Ahhh! I love Narnia, and movie soundtracks are some of my favorite writing music! :)
    Anddddddddd I tagged you over at my blog:
    <3 Bekah


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