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across the waters
away from home
away from anything
i've ever known
across the big blue sea
i turn forward
what's ahead of me?
i don't know
on a ship
on an adventure

i glanced over my shoulder back at the shore, trying to see her among the others gathered to see us and other ships off. i could barely make out her dark brown hair as she stood on top of one of the many crates on the dock. she jumped to see, and i could see her beautiful brown eyes frowning on concentration. i smiled at the sight. "why do i have to leave her?" i asked myself, my smile fading. i was leaving everything i'd ever known. anyone i'd ever known. just to satisfy that hunger that i could understand as one word.


i don't know what's ahead of me
i can't see in the future
but i feel in my heart
that this is the right path
as we pull away
sailing across the sea
our sails shining white
in the blazing afternoon sun
leaving everything i've ever known
anyone i've ever known
and her
the one i love

i ponder why i have done such a thing as leaving her. we were going to be wed. but then why must i leave? why must i go away from her, for these several months up ahead? why? i glanced back over to the shore. now she can see me. now she smiles, waves happily. there is no anger in her face. her eyes say that one sentence that she first told me when i said i had to go--"i will wait for you." i smiled sadly at the thought. would i come back for her? why did this thing, this longing, plague me?


the sails catch the wind
we're skimming across the waves
the crowd cheers
waves happily
she smiles
i smile back
we're sailing farther
farther from the shore
i'm happy
but sad
i don't know what to feel
i'm leaving
this is my dream
but what if this
isn't what was supposed to be?

i realize, suddenly, that she has done for me is real love--the kind of love that could wait for forever and still be true. and i realize that she knows, too, that i must get this out of me, otherwise i will never be content. and i realize that that is the real selfless love. and suddenly i realize, too, that this is what i am supposed to do; go on this journey. that when i come back, i will be more prepared for this life that i had before planned. and i realize that everything is going to be alright, and that even if i never see her here on earth, i will see her again in a Better Place, for we both Believe in Him who created us. and i realize... yes. yes, i don't have to feel anything but good. and i realize everything is good. and i smile. for the longing in my heart is getting satisfied.


we fly away from the shore
fly away from anything i've ever known
i smile
i throw back my head
and i laugh
and i turn towards the front of the ship
and lean into the wind
and breath the free air
and realize
this is right
the longing will be satisfied
the heart tug will be gone
i will be free
free from this wanderlust
and i smile

Well, hiya there. This is a scheduled post, written on August 2nd, 2013. For August 3rd, of course. Unfortunately, I will be unable to personally write a post then. So here ya go. Hope you enjoyed. Thanks for reading. <3

P.S. Warning on the song--it starts going all opera on you around 30 minutes. Be warned. ;)

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