A chapter in which Wyn gets impatient...

As I pulled my blankets to the far corner of the room, far away from the other knights, I couldn't help but think about Walter. What on earth was he doing? Was he thinking about me? Was he worried? I settled down, but I couldn't go to sleep, the one thought haunting me--what if I can't find Lochinvar?

I closed my eyes and went to sleep.

* * *

I woke up early the next morning, before the others. I got ready for the day and rummaged through the pack that I'd been provided with. I supposed we wouldn't have that much food, and I wasn't hungry anyway, so I skipped breakfast.

The others took like forever to get up. And when I say forever, I mean forever. I just wanted to yell at them "GET UP AND LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Ah, well, I was getting impatient, mostly because I just already wanted to BE in the Middle East so I could find that stupid Lochinvar and bring him back so that my sister Ellen wouldn't have to marry that scoundrel.

Well, we finally got going. (FINALLY!) We went to the shoreline of England that day, and then the next morning we boarded a boat. As the waves slapped the sides of the wood, I lay down in a corner in the hold, thinking that I was on my way. Hopefully, soon, I'd be able to find Lochinvar and get him back to jolly old England to save my sister.

Hopefully soon.

My eyes closed and I fell asleep.

If only I had known.

If only.

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