Pernisia and Rowan--Caleb the Elf

by Poem Girl

I can’t even tell you how angry I was right then, I’d been following the lead of a bunch of wolves that had kidnapped me and Rowan for about three days and she wasn’t even doing anything about it! She told me it was useless to try and escape while they were surrounding us and that wherever we were going we might figure out something useful but all I could think of was my brother Caleb and all the unanswered questions that were stirring in my brain. 

“Can’t you at least get them to answer some of my questions?” I whined for the fourth time, Rowan shook her head.

“Fine I’ll try if you won’t say anything more, I need to get back to my thinking.” 

“Okay, ask them about my brother, ask them why he isn’t a moonchild and if he’s my twin what is he?” Rowan asked them and then translated for me.

“They say your real mother was a Moon Daughter but your father was something else, Caleb contains very little Moon Child not enough to make any difference.” 

“And….” I pressed.

“And Caleb’s race doesn’t concern them and it shouldn’t concern you either.” 


“I’m just repeating what they said.” 

I took a breath and asked quietly, “What…what do you think Caleb is?” 

Rowan shook her head again. “You said you wouldn’t ask anymore questions.”

I crossed my arms and glared at her. “Fine then.” 

The head wolf stopped then and growled something back at Rowan and then he jerked his head toward me and growled something else. “The wolf says we’re here.” 

I frowned and growled at him in my own little way, he just nodded as did the rest of them. 

Suddenly a figure darted in the trees above me; it landed right behind the head Wolf. Unsheathing a long sword, it smiled. It was a person, tall with angular features and pointed ears; he was wearing green and a particular look which made me start. “Hello sister.”



Oh. No.


"You're an ELF?" I choked on my words.

Caleb glanced up at me, looking a little shy. (like what happened to crazy I-won't-leave-you-alone human Caleb?!) "Well... um..."

"Get away from the Moon Daughters!" snapped the wolf, running in between us and Caleb.

Caleb jumped back. "Whoa! He totally almost just bit me!"

"He's a wolf," Pernisia snorted. "Of course he's going to bite you. And where on earth did you get that ridiculous outfit?"

"Well, I kind of just find myself wearing this, and I looked in some water and saw that I..."

"Get in line!" The wolf snapped at Caleb's ankles, making him shriek like a little girl and run behind Pernisia.

Pernisia groaned. "Great. Just great. Now we're all prisoners."

* * *

We camped the night in a small cave inhabited by bats and stinking bugs. The wolves prowled around the front of the cave, while we were pushed into the back where it was pitch black. I couldn't see a thing, not even Pernisia's eyes. As a Moon Daughter, I would've thought her eyes would've glowed like the moon, but they didn't.

"What's going to happen, Rowan?" Pernisia whispered.

"I don't know," I answered. "I just don't know."

I had to come of summarize what had happened in my head--Pernisia and I were Moon Daughters, Caleb had turned into an elf, and now we're going to go and shipped off to some place that'll take three days to get there. What on earth's going to happen to us?

The scary thing? I didn't know.

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