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Hey, guys! :)

I don't have much time to post today (like I'm about to go to therapy, and then I'm "babysitting" for the whole day [it's in quotes because they're really not that little]) but I wanted to at least post some. ;) (to let you guys know that I didn't drop off the face of the earth... haha =D) The reason I didn't really answer any comments yesterday is because... *drum roll* All of yesterday's posts were scheduled. You heard me. IT. WASN'T. REALLY. ME. Well, it was me, but I wasn't the one posting them at 7:00-am-by-blogger-time. (that's what I'd scheduled it for) It was kind of nice, because it let me do some designing and other things and not have to worry about not posting... (I know, that's a worry for me? Wow, that's sad. But really, you guys are so nice, and I love posting and interacting with you guys...)

Which brings me up onto my NEXT topic. (I am random, remember) If you follow my blog and you have a blog and you have a google+ profile, please, please, please leave me the URL of your blog, so I can go and check it out!! :) It's my reasoning that it's more friendship-like if we follow each other's blogs. And that way I can get to know you better. I love meeting new people. :)

I'd really love it if you guys went and entered my book cover contest. :) Please do. :)

Talk to ya'll later!!
(wow, I'm proud of myself.)
(I haven't said that word in forever....)
(You know, ya'll?)
(anyway, I love that word...)
(a lot)

Adios! ;)


  1. Argg you make me want a blog, but Im too busy and don't have permission... :) perhaps I should do a random fact about myself at the end of comments would that work? Lets see..

    Random fact bout me: Im 5'1 and wear shooter perscription glasses. ;)
    Should I do that or would it be weird?

    1. Well, if you ever do, please tell me. :) I'd love to check it out and follow it!! :) You could, if you wanted... =D Just wondering--how'd you find my blog? :)

    2. Umm.. well I had this urging to find Christian teen girl blogs, awhile ago. So after months of searching I found some top favorite blogs starting with a 'bowl of moss and pebbles' & 'simple vintage girl' through SVG list of awesome blogs I would click blog buttons thqt would intrest me and found you. Sorry I don't remember which blog lead me to you but if I find it again I'll tell you. :)

    3. Oh it was the Unusuals story buttons piqued my curiousity. :) that's how I found you. :)And ever so glad I did.

    4. Oh, OK. :) I was just wondering... (since you didn't have a blog and all....) Cool! :) If you ever do remember what blog it was, I'd love to know... :)

  2. =] you know me! at least a little bit...


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