Informational [please read]

Thanks sooooo much for your comments, which I will answer soon. :)

I have a few things to announce.

First off, I have found this absolutely amazing blog that I think you should follow.

As the button above^ shows, it's called Operation Table Scraps. These ordinary teens are doing great things for God. They're trying to raise money to buy Jesus Wells (I believe it was) and livestock for people in Asia, so that they have food and water. Isn't that awesome?! Please go and support their blog, and maybe even donate!! :) Maybe you can even spread the operation, as they say:)
Up next, I want to tell you guys what has happened to my designing blog. *gasp* Yes, there are going to be a few changes about my designing. I'm still accepting orders, it's still free, etc., but I'm moving the headquarters to here instead of here. You can still follow the Completely You Blog Designs blog, which has been changed to The Guinea Pig (because it's my designing guinea pig =D), but it will/may be deleted, as I'm going to be testing out HTML on it. (like I was going to in the first place. But then I got too attached to it as a blog. So now I'm unattaching myself.)

Does that kind of make sense? So I still have my headquarters, but they're just in a different spot. :) If you were going to get a design, please still do!! I love designing. :) It's one of my [many] passions as a person. :)

Thanks so much, guys!! :)

Later gator.

Over and out.


  1. Just curious, why " The Guinea Pig"??:D

    1. Because it's my designing guinea pig. =D (like I'm a scientist or something... lol :))


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