Unseen World Quiz

Well, I know I haven't done a quiz in like ages, so I thought I'd do one. :)

It's like one from my and Otter Days's story known as Sam'n'Alex, or otherwise known as Unseen World. It's about two sisters who find this secret world together, though they're opposites and don't really like each other. But they might just change.... ;)

Anyway, so who are you? Alex, or Sam?


Alex is beautiful and athletic, known as a sports jock. She can be rather full of herself and arrogant, but she's got a good heart. Her full name is Alexandra, but she hates it.


Sam is the beautiful smart girl, probably the smartest girl in the entire middle school. She's quiet and does some sarcastic commentary in her mind. Her full name is Samantha, and she loves it when somebody calls her that.

So, are you ready?

Cool. Let's go.

1. If there was a new kid at your school who you thought should ask you out to a dance, and he instead asked your best friend, what would you do?

A. Dance? What dance? I don't even think I'm allowed to go to dances. I don't even want to go to dances.
B. Oh my word! That's like wayyyyy unfair! He should've asked me.

2. If there was a new kid at your school and he asked you to a dance, what would you do?

A. Manage to stutter out that you'd have to ask your parents. I mean, you don't want to be rude or something.
B. You'd say yes right away, of course.

3. If somebody insulted your best friend, what would you do?

A. Be horrified and tell them that's not nice... and then go and tell your parents.
B. Go and beat them up, if that's what it took to persuade them to say sorry!

4. If you saw your best friend get into a fight, what would you do?

A. Stand on the sidelines, horrified, and be so horrified that you can't move to get authorities.
B. Help them, of course!

5. What are you called by your friends?

A. The smartest girl in the world.
B. The sports jock of our generation.

6. Would you rather have a magic wand or a sword?

A. Magic wand, of course!
B. Duh, a sword.

7. What do you like better?

A. Red hair.
B. Black hair.

8. If you had a really long name, would you have a nickname?

A. Um, well, I don't really have a choice. Everybody else just gives it to me, so it kind of sticks.
B. Uh, yeah!

Thanks for taking, guys!! :)

Mostly As is.... Sam!! :)

Mostly Bs is.... Alex!! :)

Hope you guys enjoyed that!! Thanks so much for taking!! :)

And I am.....


{like I think almost all haha =D}

I'd love to hear who you are!! :)

And please feel free to drag off one of the above "awards". ;)


  1. Question 1: A
    Question 2: A
    Question 3: A
    Question 4: B
    Question 5: Hmm...neither, really, but I have been called smart.
    Question 6: Definitely A
    Question 7: Red Hair! (A)
    Question 8: B
    Great post, I really enjoyed it! Yes, I think I am more on the Sam side, lol. ;)
    Tane ♥

    1. Awesome, Tane!! :)

      Thanks!! Yeah, me, too.... haha =D

  2. I'm Sam! That was fun, Storyteller!!!

  3. I'm Sam! The only question I didn't answer A's was the nick-name one, I LOVE nick-names!

    1. hahaha Yeah, nicknames are cool. :) (unless they seriously stink... or are embarrassing... =P)

  4. I'm Sam, too! :) I only got 3 B's, and the rest A's. :P

  5. I'm Sam! I knew right away I would be after I read the descriptions. :) Oh, when are you going to post Locked Away Linkup #3? I love them!

    1. haha I thought you would. We're so alike. :) Yes, I will do that soon!! :) (I have something special planned for today...) Thanks!! :)

  6. I am Sam! lol It is pretty funny cause I am obsessed with red hair!

  7. I'm Sam! Yup, that I am,
    Sam I am.
    Please no green eggs or ham.
    Thank you.
    In a especially laughable moment :p
    Sorry. ;)

  8. I would LOVE to be a sponsor! How do I do that? :)
    Thank You!

    1. Well, first off, do you have a blog? :)

  9. Man, I tied:P Hehe it's actually very true: I'm a little of both:)

    1. haha =D Well, then you can just pick off whichever one you think is prettier. ;D (if you're pulling off at all... ;))

  10. Sam!!! I think everyone got that :P



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