Rowan Fox Update and Writing Styles

OK, so, I was going over my Rowan Fox idea, right? And I was rereading my last manuscript that I'd made of it, and  I realized that it was actually pretty good. So last night I was cranking out some more pages..... ;) Hopefully it'll be done soon.

It's written in a way that's different from most of my styles of writing. See if you can catch the difference.

"Don't do that!" I cried. I grabbed Mary's hand, and just in time.

"Don't do that!" I cry. I grab Mary's hand, and just in time.

See? The second one is like it's happening right in the moment. That's the way that Rowan's story is written. Sometimes it's kind of hard. Like I keep on forgetting that it's not like the first way up there^. Then I have to go and rewrite it. But it's really not that bad... =P

Anyway, I just wanted to do a real quick test here.... which way is the funnest for you to read? Like if you're reading a blog, which is the most captivating? Which draws your attention? Makes you want to read more?

OK, here are the three I'd love you to pick out of:

1. Oh my word!!!! You wouldn't believe it!!!!!!!! I JUST GOT AN IPOD!!!!!! GAH!!!!!! I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!! At first when my parents told me about it, I was just like, "you're kidding, right????" but then they were serious!!!!!!!!

2. oh my word! you wouldn't believe it! i just go an ipod! gah! i'm so excited! at first when my parents told me about it, i was like "you're kidding, right?" but then they were serious!

3. Oh my word! You wouldn't believe it! I just got an iPod! Gah! I'm so excited! At first, when my parents told me about it, I was like, "You're kidding, right?" But then they were serious!

I have written in all three ways before, though now I tend to write like the first one... =P So which is the most interesting to you? :) We'll have a vote.... ;)

(P.S. Isn't it weird how now the post title is reallyyyyy long when you're about to publish the post??)


  1. Oh yes, post titles do get rather long :) :)

    I'm reading a book set in present tense now. I've tried to write that way some before, and it's definitely hard! And the author (Jamie Langston Turner) of this book, Some Wildflower in My Heart, is just amazing at it. She never loses her place where *I* certainly would have. But then, I guess editors had something to do with that too :) I'm sure she didn't get it all perfect the first time.

    I vote for no. 3 :)

    1. Yeah... =D

      Sweet!! I know I haven't read many books like that, but I like them... :)

      Awesome! :)

  2. Hi Storyteller!
    I can't wait to read Rowan Fox!

    Of the choices? For me I'd be the 1st one. I can place myself in that excitement:D

    Random question: Is that (choice 1) the way I write on my blog??? I just realized how many capitals and exclamation points I use:D And smiley faces!!! I love smiley faces!!!! :D :)


    1. Hey, Maddie! :)

      Me either!! haha =D (I mean finished ;))

      Yeah, I like writing like that because... well... I get that excited. =D (like when I thought I was going to be in a movie... I just kept on screaming "OH MY WORD I'M GOING TO BE IN A MOVIE!!" I didn't get to. :P Oh well...)

      I love smileys, too!! :) And, yes, you write like that. (actually, I loved reading your posts so much, and that's kind of why [in the beginning] I started writing like that. =D)

    2. I would love to be able to write a story that I can over use exclamations because than it would be the way I write... But I'll bet the editors tell you to stop....

      Haha! Really? You caught my exclamation bug? That's funny=D Well I'm glad you enjoy my >!!!!!!!!!!!!< posts!!!


    3. hahaha Yeah, well, I don't write stories like that, just my blog posts. =D I think that that would be a kind of funny story. Like a Jessie [bender] type of story. You know? Just like middle school. You should try it. :)

      Yeah! I'm serious! =D I love ALL of your posts. :)

  3. I like the first writing style:) like yours:)

  4. I know, right? It's always hard for me to find the right post title that isn't too long! :) For the polls, I like #3 for the iPod excitement thingy, and either for past or present tense. I tend to use and read both.

  5. Dear Storyteller,

    I really enjoy reading your posts and stories. :)
    I don't comment too much but I really wanted to vote on your writing styles.

    I'd have to go with the 3rd one for sure. But on occasion I like the first. I have a hard time with wanting to use smiley faces after every sentence. And at one time I was really addicted to exclamation points. But, I think it kind of takes away from the imagination of how words can express excitement in a sentence. And it can be a hard habit to get out of.

    But I love reading your blog, seeing how you're learning how to be a better writer every day, and reading the excitement you have in your posts. :D

    Your sister in Christ, and sister of Poem Girl,

    P.S. I hope your leg heals soon, but if not maybe God will use it to draw you closer to him.
    Also, when I was reading that post about your injury, I really thought that maybe it was just another thought you had for a new story. But as I read on, I realized that it was for real. You have good story telling abilities. :) And one day you will be able to tell your kids stories from the Bible and show not just the story part of it but also what Jesus wants you to see from the story, and that will be something that they won't forget. :)


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