Locked Away #3

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So the theme of this week is..... *drum roll* Pain. It doesn't have to be like back-breaking pain, it can be heart breaking pain, etc.

Dear Diary,

We've received our first letter from my brother. Father hasn't sent any letters yet. But then he's never really been that type of person, to write down his thoughts. But I know that he thinks of us daily. He told me be that before he left, that every time he thought of the stars, he would think of me. "You're my star, Helen," he'd told me. I'll never forget my loving papa.

It pains me, though, what fills my brother Jack's letters. He says that they have to work almost all of the time, training to fight the enemy--the Nazis. He says that he barely has any time to write to us. He says that the men there are mean and harsh, and that at times he wishes that he'd never signed up, that he'd never left England. I am filled with pain for him.

That's not all. Mum's still being strange. My heart aches to ask her what's going on. I'm pained, trying to think of a way to bring it up in a way in which I won't be yelled at. But I can't. The only hope I find is in God.

I'll keep you posted.



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