Twilight's Last Night--Chapter 8

Chapter Eight

This is the revised version, this is the revised version, I kept on telling myself as I walked on noodle legs up the stage stairs on the left. I probably won't end up being Juliet. Who knows? I mean, I have nothing to worry about, I...

"And now." Mrs. Volini cut through my thoughts. "We have three very important characters left--Romeo, Juliet, and, of course, Romeo's evil cat."

Oh, stink. I didn't want to be an evil cat OR Juliet!

"Evan Jackson," Mrs. Volini called.

The boy stepped forward, his eyes looking bored.

" our sneaky cat, Mr. Tiddles," she finished with a broad smile.

Evan looked horrified. "What?! But I've got to be Romeo!"

Mrs. Volini frowned. "Well, you're not, so step back in line."

Oh no.

"Sabrina Marks," Mrs. Volini called, "as Juliet!"

Sabrina, the snooty girl who'd made that mean comment about my glasses, stepped forward with a broad smile on her face.

Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no.

I gulped.

"And, finally....." Mrs. Volini turned to me. "Katrina Bale as Romeo!"

I couldn't believe it.

Well, they'd BETTER not have Romeo and Juliet kiss NOW!

"And I heard what the kids said," Mrs. Volini leaned over and whispered. "And there's no stage kiss." She winked and then handed us our scripts.

I was.... Romeo. I still couldn't even believe it!


  1. Wow, I was totally not expecting that! This turn of events will definitely make things interesting! :)


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