Guest Posting, Q&A, and an Interview

Today, I have several things going on. :) First off, sometime in the near future (like the week after next or something like that) I'm thinking I might want to take a week off blogging (to catch up on things and such), so I'm going to be needing several guest posters for here, Dragonmaster, and Rubberboot Girl. I'm hoping one person for each day, but that might not be possible. ;) So at the most, I need seven guest posters for each blog. Here are what I would need from you:

1. That you be a follower of the blog that you're guest posting for.
2. That you would only post on the day that I ask you to. (or that you get assigned. I'm still not sure how I'm going to do all of this... =P)
3. That you would introduce yourself, leave a link to your blog, and then pick a small topic to talk about. :) Or you can do a pinterest post... I don't really care... just please nothing like a quiz or contest or something really big. ;)

That's all!! :) Pretty simple, right? So if you're at all interested, please talk to me!! :) I'll make sure that we get all of this set up. If you're on Google+, we can talk on there, too, to get things more defined and not as confusing. ;) (I'm under my book character's name, Andria Dragorn. If you're on Google+, I'd love to be in your circles!! :))

Also, I was wanting to do like this big Q&A thing, though I'll give you a little while to think about it, because I just want to be totally peppered with questions. :) If you can't think of anything, here are a few topics that I'd be happy to answer about:

1. Designing.
2. My injury, therapy, what happens about that, etc.
3. Stories.
4. Blogging.
5. My beliefs.
6. What I like.
7. Movies, books, etc.
8. Advice.

I'd really love to have just a whole bunch of questions from you guys!!!!! :)

And then, finally, an interview. :) Sarah was the first one to do my new interview!!! Thanks sooooo much, Sarah!! :) Sarah's from My Randomness and Ramblings, one of my favorite blogs. :) Go check it out and follow!!! She's awesome!!!!! :)

1. First off, please introduce yourself. 
Hi! :) I'm Sarah! Nice to be here! ;)

2. And what blogs do you have?
I have just one blog, My Randomness and Ramblings. :)

3. Awesome! What are your blogs about?
It's a mix of everything. I guess you could call it a lifestyle blog. I blog about snail mail, reading, food, pictures, inspiration from Pinterest, and just everyday-life.

4. Sweet. How did you get introduced to blogging?
My older sister Hannah started blogging when she was either 14 or 15, and I wanted one for the longest time, but my mom said to wait until I was a few months ago, I finally made a blog!

5. Please tell us a little bit about yourself.
I'm (almost) 16, and I've been blogging for almost 6 months now.

6. What are some things about yourself that we probably don't know?
Well for one, I am really bad at math -- beyond the basics (pretty much going past multiplication and division) I start losing interest really quickly and I hate algebra. I've never had to use it in real life and more than likely never will.

7. What do you think of yourself as? (example: I consider myself artistic)
I think of myself as a Jesus follower. I seriously don't know what I'd do if it weren't for Him. I consider myself as a romantic. I love "making matches" of people I know, and guys (or girls) I think they would make a cute couple with. My sister is also sure that I will get married one day. I think I'm very shy and introverted, but I also like making new friends. I also consider myself a "fangirl" and a Directioner. ;) Shout-out to the fandom! :D

8. What's your religion view?
I am a Christian. <3 I try to love Jesus with my whole heart. And I try to love everybody else the best I can to show that Jesus changed my life.

9. Why do you believe that? What are your thoughts on that?
I believe this for a part because I was raised to believe in the one true God, and for the other part because I believe this wholeheartedly to be true. I have had my doubts like any other believer, and I have searched the Bible for answers. I don't want people to spoon-feed me the gospel. I want to search it out for myself. Nobody's ever asked me before why I believe what I believe so this was something really interesting for me to think about.

10. What would you say the goal of your blogging journey is? (example: recording your life, making people smile, etc.)
My original reason for starting a blog was so that I could connect with some of my other friends who had blogs, to show people bits of my life, and just to blog whatever. I keep having to remind myself to do it because I want to do it, not because other people want me to. So I guess, I blog to make people smile, and to reach the world, and to make new friends.

11. How do you deal with the fact that you can design your blog? (example: I design my own, I use free designs, etc.)
I haven't gone very in-depth with my blog design yet, when I designed the blog look I have now, I just used everything from blogger. Maybe I'll get better at it eventually and try to design it for myself. :)

12. Do you think that you will continue to blog the rest of your life?
Hmm.....probably not for the rest of my life, but hopefully for at least a few more years to come! :)

13. What are you looking for when you visit a new blog? (example: that the author is a Christian, etc.)
I look to see if we have common interests, that way I know I will enjoy their blog all the more!

14. Do you think of yourself when you think of your person on blogger, or do you kind of think of that new name (etc.) that you use on blogger as kind of different?
I kind of think a little differently of myself on blogger, as "Sarah V." than I do in real life. Not too much though.. :)

15. And again, what's your name? ;) Thanks for taking this interview! :)
Sarah's my name, blogging's my game! :p It was my pleasure! I really enjoyed it! :D

Thanks again so much, Sarah!! :) Haven't done the new interview yet? Just go over to my Interview page and fill out the questions. Thanks:)

Later gator.

Over and out.


  1. Cool! :D Thanks for posting my interview! :) I'd be willing to guest post for you (maybe even more than once if you end up needing extra guest posters)! :) Any details I need to follow? I'm going to follow you through my Google+ account! :)

    1. You're welcome!! :) Awesome!! Just the details above. ;) And which blog would you like to guest post for? ;) (you can guest post for all three if you want! =D) Sweet, thanks!! :)

    2. Okay, so yeah...I followed you on G+ and I'll be writing my post shortly. :D Um, I guess for now I'll just write a guest post for Storyteller of Weston County...if I have time after that I might write another for one of your other blogs. :D

      Do you want me to email it to you when I'm done?? When do you need it by?

      xx Sarah

    3. I added you back. ;) OK, awesome!! :)

      Well, I haven't quite decided when I want it... But when you're done writing it, you can just share it in a post with me on Google+. :)

  2. I would like to do a guest post. Not sure how this works, so let me know:) Thanks:)

  3. I would LOVE to guest post! :) How exactly do I contact you to do that?

    1. That would be awesome! Well, you can contact me on Google+ or through a comment on one of my blogs. :)

    2. Okay! Well... Just let me know! I am on google plus! :)

  4. I would love to help do a guest post. Just let me know further details on the date I'd be doing it, what to write about, etc.

    -Leah Kathryn

    1. That would be awesome!! :) Well, you can just pick a topic. :)

  5. Hey! That would be cool! I'd like to do that. I am on G+, under Autum n! :)

  6. Hello, Storyteller!

    I think I was supposed to do a guest post for something... though, for the life of me I can't remember exactly what... So, if you don't mind, sign me up for one of those days! I'd be happy to! You know you can find me on Google+. =]


    1. Awesome!! Yes, I'll contact you through there. ;D

  7. Here are some Qs for you! :D

    Do you listen to "secular" music?
    What's the farthest you've been away from home? (like how many miles)
    Do you like Lord of the Rings?? If so, who is your FAVORITE character?!
    favorite breakfast food?
    how old are you? (although I'm imagining you as being between the ages of 14 and 17)
    any siblings??
    do you want to get married someday?
    do you want to go to college? why or why not?
    favorite candy?
    where would you most like to live (or visit)?

    1. Sweet!! Thanks sooooo much for asking these. :)

    2. Ooh! A few more questions I thought of! :)

      When did you really start writing? What do you enjoy most about it?
      What time zone are you in? (I didn't think this would be TOO personal of a question to ask...but if you don't feel comfortable answering it, I understand. :))
      How long will it be before your knee injury is healed up completely?
      What made you decide to start blogging??

    3. Awesome!!! Thanks, Sarah:) haha I think you're the only one who's asking me questions. =D

  8. oops...sorry. I asked your age and just saw the thing on the side about personal questions. :P

  9. Here are some questions!

    1). What is the most offensive movie you've ever watched? (Hehe. Mine would definitely be Waking Ned Devine:) I had to look away for half of the movie;))
    What character in one of your books do you most relate to?
    What book character do you most relate to?
    Have you ever cried when reading a book? If so, what book?
    Same as ^ but with movie.
    What are your top 5 favorite blogs?
    What are you currently reading?
    Are you more of a tomboy or girly girl?
    Do you get mad when I tell you I'm gonna do something and then end up forgetting;)?


    1. Thanks so much for the questions. :)

  10. Some questions. :)
    Sorry if I ask some that other people have already asked.
    1. What is your biggest pet peeve?
    2. What do you do for inspiration.
    3. What is your favorite food?
    4. If you could go anywhere in the world. where would you go?
    5. Do you have siblings?
    6. How long have you been a "storyteller"?
    7. When did you decide that you wanted to write?
    8. Would you ever think of revealing your name and age?
    9. What is the most annoying song?
    10.How did you find out about the 'blogging world'?

    Xox. Kayla

  11. I have a couple of quesrions for you.

    Do you do your designing completely from scratch or do you use some kind of program?
    What is your favorite Bible verse?
    What is your favorite Bible character?
    Do you prefer long hair or short hair?
    What is your favorite type of excercise/workout/sport?

    That's all I can think of right now:)

  12. Why did you start blogging?
    how would you describe your style in 3 words?
    How did you gain followers?
    What is your favorite piece of clothing you own?


  13. 1. What frightens you?
    2. Do you believe in fairies?
    3. You say on your Bucket List that you've written a play; what's it about?
    4. When did you begin writing stories and why?
    5. If it's not too personal, what is the movie about that you are making with your friends?
    6. Would you consider yourself to be a brave person?
    7. What do you do when you're bored?
    8. Can you speak another language besides English? If so, what?
    9. Are there any tips you have for new writers?
    10. Is there an easy way that you have found of staying true to yourself online?

    //Silent Reader//


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