Pernisia and Rowan--The Moon Child

{by Poem Girl}

I stopped and groaned. “Why isn’t she coming!” “Common Caleb we can’t leave her.” Now he groaned. 

“Yeah *sigh* let’s go.” 

So we ran ahead to help get her away from those…beasts, I was sure I saw something almost humanlike about those wolves? When we got there Rowan was gone and for some reason I wasn’t surprised in fact it was as if I was expecting it and for some strange reason I also wasn’t worried…”What is wrong with me!” I screamed, Caleb ran over to me with concern etched into his eyes. 

“What are you talking about Nisia, nothing’s wrong with you.” 

“Yes, there is definitely something wrong with me, Rowan’s missing and I don’t even care what kind of person am I!” 

“um…Nisia.” Caleb poked me in the shoulder and I turned round and looked into a small patch of bushes…beady eyes were staring out at me. Instantly I felt a rush of cold and I….ahem fainted. 

{by me}

I don't know if you've ever found yourself staring in the eyes of a moonwolf thinking that you know them, but it's kind of creepy. Like really creepy. And now they'd just told me to follow them. Which I didn't really want to do.

So I took off running after Caleb and Pernisia.

"PERNISIA!!" I yelled, hoping that they weren't the far ahead of me.

I nearly ran right into them. Pernisia had, obviously, fainted, and Caleb was trying to drag her along the path. I quickly picked her up and continued on running.

"Hurry!" I shouted over my shoulder.

The sad cry of the moonwolves burst off through the woods. Oh, no. They were coming after us!

Rowan, you can't hide from your destiny. And you can't hide Pernisia from hers.

Pernisia? What?

It was about that moment when I tripped.

"Oof!" I cried, landing on my stomach.

Pernisia went flying from my arms.

"Hurry!" Caleb urged, still running.

I struggled to my feet, and ran over to Pernisia's side. I heard a growl in the bushes and looked up. Out of the bushes came one of the moonwolves. The one with the familiar eyes.

Don't try to stop me, it said. You might be one Moon Child, but this is another. Even if you don't remember, we can still use her.

You're wrong, I snapped.

Had I really just spoken wolf?

Stranger things had happened.

I blacked out.

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