AS--The Bog

(talking about a lake that shows you your destiny, if you're the right person...)

He looked up at me. "Well, um.... it's said that the only way that you can find it is by being lost."

"Wow," I said sarcastically. "Why haven't we found it yet?"

He glared. "Fine. Let's just keep on going."

We took off walking through the forest.

If we weren't lost already, I was pretty sure we soon were going to be....

* * *
Great. Just great. So, we were lost in the middle of a forest TRYING to be lost so that we could find a lake that would show us our destiny, which was hopefully to find Damien's dad, Brumby, and hopefully be able to find that stupid Lost Locket that we'd been after in the first place!! 
Damien and I trudged through the forest, not really going anywhere. I mean, that's how we were supposed to find this stupid lake, right? But we weren't finding anything. Which just made me more mad. And made me give more and more glares Damien's way.

"So where is your lake?" I demanded as we entered what looked and smelled like a bog. I jumped from the rock I was on to another rock.

Damien jumped onto the rock I'd just been on. "It's got to be around here somewhere!" he cried, frowning angrily at a piece of slime that had attached itself to his boot.

"Right," I snorted.

"What was that?" he demanded with a glare.

"Nothing," I answered innocently, adding in a mutter, "But I still don't see your stupid lake."

"What's that?" Damien's voice scared me so much that I fell off the rock I was balancing on and landed face first in the smelly bog.

"DAMIEN!" I screamed angrily, getting up with goo and slime dripping off my hair and clothes. "YOU'RE DEAD!"

"Ooh." He looked me up and down apologetically. "Gee, sorry."

I continued to glare at him. "Help. Me. Out. NOW!"

He gingerly offered me a hand, which I used to pull myself out. (I admit it--I left a significant amount of goo on him, too...) Then we managed to continue to hop through the stones (with me glaring at him the whole time) to the other side of the bog.

"Hey, look," I said, goo and slime dripping off me as I walked along the finally solid forest floor. "There's a look up there. I'm going to clean myself off."

"Arawyn, wai...!" Damien started to say.

He was too late.

I looked into the lake.

And gasped.

Arawyn, we have been waiting for you...


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