How I'm writing a story about New York City...

First off, before I forget... (since I am an incredibly forgetful person, because there's always like 100 things on my mind...!!!)

Do you guys think I should have another contest?? Actually, I think I might. I've been wanting to see what you guys could do for book covers for me... =D But I'll wait until my next post, alright? ;)

OK. So, the reason I have a picture of New York City on the right here is because, simply, I'm writing a story about New York City. Usually when I write my stories, I don't do a lot of research, I just do off my own common knowledge. (usually works, but sometimes...? No. Simply no.) Like first off... if a native New Yorker reads one of my books and they know that a housing apartment is no where NEAR where I said it was, I'm going to sound stupid, right? Or if I don't know what the different parts of New York are called, I'm going to sound equally stupid... (it's Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn, by the way...) So I went and looked up all of this stuff for my book. (if you've been reading up on my all of my stories on all of my blogs, you might know what I'm talking about....) I looked up apartments in Brooklyn (because I decided that they were going to live in Brooklyn... I don't really know why... =P) and made a fake apartment where the real one is. See, when you're making up a story, you want it to be as authentic as possible. But you can make up fake apartments, fake work places (usually), fake schools..... man, even a fake president!! (*I have definitely seen this in lots of books...*) So what I did was look up real places, found out what they were like and what they offered (like the apartment I did has its own grocery...? I was like, "WHAT?!! Seriously!?!?") and then just turn around a make something fake. Know what I mean? Yeah, so that was fun... I made up my own school, of course, and guess what I name it? haha It's Brooklyn Heights Academy. I thought it sounded pretty official, but anyway... And you know the apartment? I actually used the same street for my fake apartment as the real one. ;) (I thought it was pretty cool... anyway.... =P)

And that's the end of my New York rambling. I promise. :)

[for today]

And unless you want more.... =D

Anyway, I also wanted to ask you guys... Do you want to have like this thing where you talk to me about book and movie characters (I will have to know who they are and have watched/read their movie/book) and then I fake interviews with them? I thought it might to turn about to be pretty fun (and funny =D), but it's up to you guys...

Talk to you later!!

God bless you guys!!! :)


  1. Wow that's awesome! I've been to NYC, it's a really busy city. ;) And yes to your idea of you fake interviewing the book and movie characters! :)


    1. Thanks!! :) Sweet!! :) haha OK.... =D I think I might put up a poll, too.... ;)

  2. That's cool, and I know exactly what your mean.
    I commonly do tons of research before writing something. Not always, but most of the time. For this fantasy seriese I'm writing, I'm doing tons of research! I'm not kiding, it's intense! I think I might be going over board a little, but my research usually gives me more ideas and inspiration, which is a good thing.

    1. :)
      Cool! Usually I don't haha =D So good for you. ;)

  3. I really liked reading this! I like the name you came up with for the school! :) Oh, and I've been through NYC once on the drive up to Boston to visit some was so busy we got lost. Thank goodness for maps, and for friends who are good at directions! :)

    1. Thanks!! :) Awesome!! haha =D Yeah.... ;)


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