Pernisia and Rowan--Moon Daughters

By Poem Girl

I opened my eyes and I felt shudders descend down my spine, I was in a dark cave but the cave had strange glowing swirls engraved in it sort of like the Emotion Doors when they activated, it was an eerie beauty. I gasped as I saw Rowan sitting beside me her eyes angry ‘when had she gotten here?’ 

“They can’t keep us we’ll get away.” She grumbled.

“Who has us, Rowan?” I rubbed my cold arms and was surprised to find they warmed instantly. 

“The Moonwolves.” I stared at her and shook my head. 

“No….no they can’t have…Caleb.” 

“No he’s not here, didn’t see you flung from my arms in the chase I suppose.” 

“Chase? Rowan why are we here and what do they want with us!” 

Rowan shrugged. “We’re Moon Children.” 

“Huh? You mean like….” I trailed off and Rowan looked up from her thinking to give me a questioning stare. 

“What do you know?”

“Nothing really it’s just, Moon Children, Moon Daughters, it’s all the same. I had a fairytale book about it when I was younger I found it in my mom’s lock box and I must have read it at least a dozen times, but I always thought it was just that…a fairytale.” 

“Ha, you do realize fairytales are true, fairies know a lot about history.” 

I shook my head. “No, in our world fairytales are fiction written by humans.” 

Rowan snorted. “Well I have news for you then, if you’re a Moon Child then you’re not from “your” world, and most likely where you come from fairies are real and their stories are true.” 

I groaned and rubbed my head. “You have got to be kidding me. Well what about Caleb then he’s my twin why isn’t he a Moon Child and what about my parents.” 

“It’s…” Rowan stopped as a Moon Wolf entered the room…

By Me

Oh stink. I glanced over at Pernisia. Amazingly, she didn't look scared. She looked more annoyed. Maybe she was tougher then I'd made her out to be. In fact, by the look on her face, I was starting more and more to think that maybe she really was a Moon Child. Yeah, well, I hadn't thought I was a Moon Child, either, until the wolf had confronted us. The way things were going, I wouldn't have been surprised if Caleb was an elf!

"Come," the head wolf growled, his blue eyes boring into my skull. "Tell the other one."

"What are they saying?" Pernisia demanded. She looked at me. "Well?"

She couldn't understand them? I glanced back at the wolf. Apparently, I was underneath wolf language. But why? And why couldn't Pernisia?

"They told us to come with them," I explained, getting to my feet. I managed a wan smile for her sake. "Come on."

What I'd thought a few moments before was just some kind of hollow in a cave opened up into a passageway. Pernisia and I walked in the middle of the pack of wolves. I knew that if we tried to run, we'd be easily caught, if not killed, though I highly doubted that they'd try to kill two Moon Children, let alone Moon Daughters. I didn't know a lot about Blue Moon Legends, but I knew enough to know that the Special Ones were not to be messed with.

The cave opened up to show a misty ravine, where a gray-green river swept through. Pernisia groaned and held her nose.

"This place stinks," she complained.

"It's a swamp," I whispered, almost in surprise.

"Hurry up!" one of the wolves snapped. "We have a three day journey ahead of us."

I didn't want to think about to where. I just walked.

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