A Stinker Post by Storyteller

Hey, ya'll!!!!

Call it what you might.

A boring post.

A stinker post.

But I had to write it.

Because I really want to know.

I want to know what you think of when you think of me.

OK, so books don't count. =D

I mean, like kind of a person do you think of when you think of me?

What height? What weight? What eye color? What hair color? What kind of skin?

Please post your answers. I would love to know what you thought of me!!



P.S. The fire is pretty much contained. Thanks for those who prayed!!


  1. Am I allowed to say, since I know you?

    1. Well, don't say what I actually look like! =D

  2. I think of a girl who spends lots of her time writing stories! Whenever I think of you you I can't see your face {I really took your part about being an old creepy lady to heart}. You have white skin. Or, at least that's what I think. I suppose it's because I'm white.
    It's unlikely you have blonde hair/blue eyes, because you said you don't like to write stories about that kind of people. You're obviously female {hopefully ;)}.

    1. Yes, I am a girl. :) So you really think I'm a creepy old lady? hahaha that's great!! =D You're making me laugh again. ;D

      True, but I could have it and want something else..... ;)

    2. I also think you have a lot of time on your hands. You're at least old enough to quit school, but still young enough to live with your parents.
      Someday, when you quit this blog, I think you should tell us who you are. :)

    3. Yes, I do have lots of time on my hands. :) Not telling anymore.

      I think I would probably tell you guys when I got older. ;)

    4. I kind of like the secret, kind of like a mystery. It's cool. I considered using a weird name when I started blogging, but decided against it (I don't know why). But it would still be cool to know someday. :)

    5. Yeah. It's always fun. =D But it's also nice to have people who use their real names. Yeah, it kind of would. That would be kinda weird if there was like a party of bloggers that we know but haven't actually seen, wouldn't it? ;)

  3. Hum... I'm not sure. Whenever I think of you I sort of think of me. I don't know, you just seem a lot like me.

    Dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, almost five feet tall...

    But I doubt you look like me. :)

  4. Ohh this is hard:-D

    In my mind: A girl, around 17, slightly pointed face, purple/grey eyes, about 5' 6", dark brown hair, enchanting air.
    That^ is the fairy tale you...

    The most likely: about 15, cheery round face, bright brown eyes, black hair, a smile (almost) always on your face:-)

    I think you are a very cautious person, in love with your creator, a beautiful writer, a good friend, understanding, a good sister (if you have siblings). I think your a genuinaly sweet person:-D


    1. Sorry. =D Thanks for doing this! I love to know what you think of me. That was so nice. :)

  5. Okaayyy...

    A genius seven-year old who has curly jet black hair and startling blue eyes. You have a sweet smile....


  6. Hmm, I think you have long, brown hair, blue eyes, and pale skin. You are around 16. You are funny, kind, a writer all in all, and a girl who loves the Lord and hanging out with her friends. :)


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