The Starting of the Journey

OK, so I know I left off kind of suddenly on the Arawyn Summersprite story. But here's more!!

"I don't know," answered Brumby, obviously feeling out of his element and rather confused. "I haven't ever heard of somebody--no offense--like you being able to read Royal."

"It is rather strange," agreed Damien, giving me a look like I was totally strange and a freak to boot.

"Well," I started, "so, I should probably read the rest of the parchment. I mean, like you said that the reason that you were going to find the Lost Locket and whatever because of this thingy majiggy that you're doing this."

Brumby gave me a look for calling it a thingy majiggy, but I pretended not to have noticed and carefully read the rest of the parchment.

There was something very strange that has occurred. To us has come a sacred locket, made of silver and blue stone. We knew at once that it was not something to be thrust aside, and we quickly brought it to the Ruler. We are yet waiting for the results, for the locket must travel along the Road of Ribbon, through the trials that come with the Sacred Sea, and through the many strange lands Across The Sea to where it shall be seen by the Ruler. Hopefully we shall get our results soon.

It ended there. How annoying.

"You've got to be joking," I muttered.

"Isn't it amazing, though?" smiled Brumby. "Damien found it in the King's Library. I think it was stuffed between a blue book and a yellow book. Wasn't it, Damien my boy?"

"Yeah, I think it was," answered Damien, glaring at me.

"And now that you know our tale," started Brumby, taking the parchment from me and rolling it up carefully, "then you know why we are here and how we have yet hope to find the locket."

"But how on earth did the locket get to whoever wrote that?" I questioned. "And who DID write that?"

"I don't know," admitted Brumby. There was a smile on his face. "But we're going to find out."

"We were traveling through this forest on the way to the Fragrant Vale to get the help of the Pegasus' to start to travel towards the Road of Ribbon," explained Damien.

"You guys were going to ride Pegasus'?" I queried in excitement.

I remembered faintly the tales of the Pegasus animal from before the Sky Ship had invaded my town.

"Yes," answered Damien. "And that's when I saw your house."

"And that's when you guys invaded!" I shot back at him.

"Goodness gracious!" cried Brumby. "Stop fighting like children!"

I bristled. "I'm not a child!"

"Yeah!" agreed Damien. "I'm practically sixteen, err, something like that! I'm not a child, either! I can't believe that you would call me that!"

Brumby sighed and rubbed his eyes. "Oh, dear."

"We really should get going, though." I had managed to pull myself together. "Just let me collect a few things, and then I'll be ready."

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