Don't Be This

Soon to start,
Soon to fail,
Soon to begin,
To no avail.
First to want,
First to lose,
Your own fate,
You'll have to choose.
Last to want,
The punishment,
That our Lord,
God has sent.
Last to want,
The coming night,
Last to come,
To the Light.
Don't be this,
Be the Light,
Don't be these words,
Stuck in Night.
Come through the hardship,
Of life,
Push through,
The many strife.
Love your family,
Love your friends,
Like your enemies,
To glares you send.
Love the stranger,
Love the known,
For your fate,
Is yet to be sewn.


  1. Hi!
    We like your new blog design! =D
    God Bless!
    Hannah, Ruth and Sarah

    1. Hey, guys! Thanks for stopping by!! =D I'm so glad you like it!! I love it myself, personally. ;D God bless you guys, too!!! Have a great day, girls!!!!


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