Featured Blogger--Jess!

Good morning, and how're you doing today?
I would just like to come and say,
Thank you for following me, my friend,
My blogging hours shouldn't bend.
I'll have time each morning to say hello,
Some more words to type and stow,
So don't worry, my friends, I'm still here,
So here come your blog posts that're dear. 

OK, so I talked about featured bloggers, right? ;) Soooo..............

Our first featured blogger is Jess!!! She has several very awesome blogs, including *My Collection of Stories*, where has some very awesome stories on, Rosalyn's Blog, a blog about her doll on which currently I believe there's a post about a play, Forever BFFs, a blog of letters from Kit Kitteredge and Rebecca Rubin, Six Faraway Friends, a blog where she blogs along with five other people, and The True Confessions of Kailey Hopkins with some equally cool stories, but at the moment I believe that blog is unavailable...... 

But, anyway. So Jess, you can pull this off and put it on which of your blogs that you like!!! Please go and follow Jess's blogs!!! They are totally awesome!!!!!!



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