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Anyway, so I know Contests and Quizzes are still winning. But, I thought, wouldn't you much rather find out what happens in Arawyn Summersprite's story? That's what I thought, too..... ;)

I quietly moved over to the hatch, bolting it. Bardy was frozen on the counter by a bowl of grapes that he'd been about to devour. Slowly, I slipped my dagger out of my belt and held it high, standing anxiously over the hatch to another ladder that took you down to the entrance platform, which had a dangling rope to the ground that looked much like a vine because, well, it was a vine.
     "Why, what's this?" asked a young man's voice. "It kind of looks like a rope."
     "Of course it's not a rope!" came the indignant voice of an older man. "Are you joking? It's just a vine! Now what are you doing? Please don't hurt yourself by climbing vines! They aren't safe! Damien, are you listening to me? Damien! Do you want me to leave you by yourself in this huge forest that's been forgotten about for hundreds of years?!"
     "Relax, Father," laughed the person I supposed was named Damien. "Nothing's going to happen. If it isn't anything, then I'll just climb down and... say, this is a platform!"
    "A platform? How ridiculous! And in the middle of the woods!"
    "And here's a ladder! Do you suppose there's someone living here, in the middle of the woods? Could it be possible?"
     "Are you out of your mind?! There's nobody here!"
     "Then what about the ladder?"
     "What about the ladder?"
     "It leads upwards, of course. I'm going to check it out."
      My heart came into my stomach. I pushed it back down and narrowed my eyes. I got into a fighting stance, low to the floor, like I'd done battling the leopard. I'd defeated the leopard. I could defeat a human.
    "Be careful, Arawyn," whispered Bardy nervously.
    "You'd better go alert the others," I whispered back. "We don't want them killing you and the rest of your kind for food."
    "What about you?" he pointed out.
    "I'll be fine," I assured.
     He quickly high-tailed out of there.
     I froze when I heard the hatch rattling.
     "There's a hatch!" yelled Damien. "But it's bolted tight." He paused. "Somebody must be up there, Father."
    "Then why are we bothering them?!" he demanded.
    "Father..." more hatch rattling.
     And then, finally, the hatch burst open. 
     I attacked, throwing Damien back down the hatch...


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