True or False, Hosted by Storyteller (3)

Yes, that's a trench coat. And, yes, we're back with our True or False!!!!!

Today we're going to have two stories. They can be both true, both false, or one of them is true and one of them is false.

Review on the rules (If you know them, you can skip down): 

1. [for this one] There can be one false one true, two false, or two true. You have to decide which story is which!!
2. Submit your answers in the comments that come with this post.
3. After comments from five different people, not including me, I will post the answers. IF YOU ARE TRYING TO GET THE ANSWERS AS ONE PERSON, I'M AFRAID IT WILL FAIL.
4. There may be sets or short stories (in this case short stories). 5. Enjoy and have fun!!!
P.S. On the short stories, if they're true, I might not remember all of the real conversation, but the memory will still be true. Also, I will change the real names of people.

OK, first story:

I tapped my pencil against the table, attracting the attention of my best friend Makayla, who sat on a deck chair not that far away.
    "Whatcha writing about?" she questioned. I wasn't sure if her eyes were opened or closed, since they were shielded by huge glasses.
     "Just a story," I answered. "Hey, Makayla. What name do you like better? It's your pick. You ready?"
      She sighed. "OK."
      "Cara or Kitty?"
      "Wait, what kind of a story is this?"
      "It's kind of like a pre-Civil War story. If she's named Cara, she'll be Irish living in America. If she's named Kitty, she'll be English living in America."
      "You mean you haven't chosen yet?!"
      "Relax, Makayla. Just pick."
      "OK, OK. Fine. Kitty."
      "Thanks!" I grinned.
       My pencil flew across the page.

Second story:

The door of the bus opened and I was faced by a scary sight. Kids, running everywhere, followed by what I assumed were their camp counselors in between the maze of cabins, big and small.
  "This way!" somebody yelled.
   All of the kids from the bus crowded around a foreboding-looking lady with wild red hair and a clipboard.
   "Jackie Smith?" the lady yelled. A girl walked up to her, and she was assigned a cabin. The girl smiled and walked off, pulling a huge suitcase. 
    The names were called off, one by one. I finally heard my own.
    "Kate Fletcher!"
     I quickly hurried forward, bumbling with my stuff. Obviously nobody helped me. Ugh. Sometimes I wished people would.
    "You'll be in Cabin Starcatcher," she announced. And then she was already off on another name.
    I turned, facing the camp by myself.

Are they both true? Both false? One that and the other this? You'll have to decide!!!


  1. First true, second false. Cabin Starcatcher just doesn't sound real. :)

    1. I did say I would change names, didn't I? ;D Great answers!!!

  2. Maybe the first false and the second true?


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