Buttons and Featured Bloggers [??]

Hey, ya'll!!!!!

So, sometimes you might not check my blog (if you've followed) unless you see something you want to comment on (don't worry--I do the same thing!!). However, I've created a button for this blog and all of my blogs!! I would love it if you would take it and display it on your own blog!! Thanks! I really appreciate it!!

Also, I was having an idea. I was on Jessie's blog, My Thoughtful Spot, when I saw her thing about the featured blogger. Would you guys like that idea? If you wanted to be featured, you would just say so in the comments of a post. Then you would have your own blog post (lucky you haha). =D I would also make you a sweet little button which you could take off and display on your own blog.

Tell me your thoughts,
The Storyteller


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