The Answers!!

Hey, ya'll!!!

Thanks to some amazing people, I can now give you the answers to both of the True and Falses. Amazingly, the only person who got all of them right on every one was Piano Bookworm (but, hey, she knows me, so that didn't really count haha). =D

OK, so the first True and False with the sets.


1. I have almost acted in a movie before. Actually, this is true!! A movie came by where we lived and wanted locals to act in it. Sadly, it wasn't a very good movie so I didn't get to do it. :(

2. I have been to Canada before. False. I wish!! :)


1. I won a big contest for my stories out of state. False. I haven't really entered my stories in anything, which makes me feel kind of sad but anyway..... I'd rather get my stories published than enter a contest. :)

2. I got an overall grand champion for some photography of mine. True. It was with 4-H, and it was pretty sweet!!! =D


1. I'm actually the daughter of a movie producer. False. I'm not sure if I wish that or not!!! =D

2. I have been to the ocean before. True. I was really little and so scared of sharks, though, that I tried to stay out of it!!!! And I hadn't even watched Soul Surfer yet!!! Now I REALLY don't want to go in, haha. =D

OK, so the second True and False with the sets.


1. You can almost always see me in a ponytail and headband. This is very true. My sibling complains that I should do more. I say, why should I have to do THAT? ;)

2. I participate in a newspaper. This is another wish, but unfortunately false. :)


1. Babysitting is OK. (OK, it kind of freaks me out sometimes......) THIS IS SO TRUE. :D

2. I. LOVE. GOATS. Actually, that would be the understatement of the century. It should've said I. HATE. GOATS. and then it would've been true!!! But it's false. ;)


1. I wish my name was Maya. False. Especially after my Jessie Bender letters...... ;D

2. I love my name. I really truly do!!!!! =D

I'm wanting to write some Arawyn Summersprite letters later. Watch for 'em. ;)


P.S. And that, by the way, was my 200th post!!!! Thanks to all of my lovely and awesome followers!!!! =D

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