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OK, so sorry I haven't done this in awhile, but it's time for our Featured Blogger!!!!!!
(if you would like to be a featured blogger, just let me know)

or you can choose this one

And who is our featured blogger this week???????????



OK, enough with the questions marks. =D

Our featured blogger is....... Madeline!! Madeline is very funny (yes, I know you're reading this, haha :D and no I'm not going to write this Dear Readers and Creepy Madeline, because I have more followers on this blog, lol) and has some great blogs!!! One of her blogs, Instantly British, just got a way cool makeover!!!! (aka blog template change) It's full of lots of fun stuff. This Is A Test is her blog designing blog. Katie in the Spotlight records the life of her doll Katie, who has a bright outlook on life (sometimes, haha). :) She's a great writer and is already apart of two story blogs by the names of The Story Club and Breathings of Your Heart. I would definitely say to go and look at all of her blogs!! They're awesome!!!!!! (I have Instantly British's button on the side of my blog, too.) ;D


P.S. Piano and Jess, if you would also like to take the new featured blogger button, since you've been featured, that's great with me!!!! :) :)


  1. Aw, you are too sweet! I think Katie sometimes gets her glum output on life from me. ;)
    YOU'RE NOT?!?!?! AWW.... {It was a good idea, I promise, you just can't *see* it yet}

    1. Dear Readers and Creepy Madeline,
      OK, so you seriously want everybody to see that?
      Like seriously.
      OK. But it's not my fault. =D
      Thanks for commenting, Madeline. :)


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