The Versatile Blogger Award

I got awarded by ~The Keller Girls~ a very awesome award that is above! Thank you so much!!!


1. Must state the rules.

Done. =D

2. Thank the awarded and link back to them.

Check! :)

3. Must pass this award on to five other bloggers.


4. List their names with links to their award winning blogs.

5. Must notify the awarded bloggers by commenting on their blogs.

Will do! :)

6. Share 7 unusual things about yourself. Something that not many people could say about themselves.


1. I can kinda write with my left hand...(??)
2. I am artsy (does that count? Does now haha). :)
3. I kind of have this commitment with myself to post every day on each and every one of my blogs (except The Story Club, but that doesn't really count because there're other bloggers on there, too). Though sometimes I get caught up in designing so I miss a day. (oops!) :)
4. I found out something really cool on PicMonkey just today that I haven't ever seen anybody else use. So not many people could say that. (haha) :)
5. I have over 20 followers on all my blogs!!!! :) I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! You are so good to me. :) God bless you all!
6. Two of my blogs' names came from my stories (Dragonmaster from my Alex and Andria Dragorn story and Rubberboot Girl from the name of my Connie story).
7. And, finally..................... I've never played a sport, but if I could/could've, I would/would've play(ed) basketball or volleyball!! :)



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