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OK, since yet ANOTHER person voted Contests and Quizzes, I shall say yes to your request and finally come to your frantic calls (hahahahahaha). OK, so you guys know what those fateful words mean, don't you? (Arawyn's destiny? Some weird Lost Locket?! STORYTELLER'S GOING TO DIE?!?! No, of course not.) =D

It means, dear friend.....


......let's see if I can get all of the words off dashboards so that you actually have to read this yourself...........

......and then maybe you'll take it.....

.....and enjoy it.....

......and love it forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and.....

OK, OK. You get the point.

I shall now promptly spill the beans.

(if it was me, I'd be yelling "FINALLY!!!!" about now.) :) 

I'm going to attempt to do another quiz!!!!!!!

So, what on earth is this devilish quiz that I am going to make for all of you poor readers that I'm already torturing?! OK, so I'm going to do a character quiz.

Yes, I am.

A Jess'n'Erica quiz!!!! Thankfully, I have the whole first book on here. Man, I think I have the whole THIRD book on my computer!!! I really need to put that on............ (you won't be dying at the end of the third, because I could seriously end the series there. Maybe I just should, because my mind has blockaded them from my writing fingers).

So, who ARE you more like?

Jessica "Jess" Archer--a girl with curly brown hair and violet eyes. She lives in Italy in the first book (for like the first chapter), and then in Ireland. She enjoys doing things such as dance (Irish and ballet), riding horses, and acting (she likes other things, too). Jess is the more quiet and reserved of the two. She has a brother named Brandon and her parents are divorced (you find out why in the series). (she personally reminds me of both Jess and Madeline May...... and Piano Bookworm......). ;)

Erica Hallstead--a girl with short layered red hair and green eyes. She lives in Italy throughout the whole book series with her parents (Rome, to be exact). She's smart, enjoys fencing (no, not the ranch work, like the sword fighting stuff),  and loves her horse Dashing. She's the spitfire of the two, and actually gets to throw a kid like a hundred feet (Madeline, I can see you loving her).

OK, so the quiz.......

1. If somebody was making fun of you and your friends, what would you do?

A. Try to ignore them.
B. Hurtle them, flying over a hundred feet..... ;)
C. Tell them to please stop it.
D. Spit something back at them.

2. If your mom went missing, what would you do?

A. Call your friends.
B. Take off and try to find her.

3. What's your favorite activity?

A. Dancing.
B. Fencing (sword).
C. Acting.
D. Riding horses.

4. If you saw somebody who you definitely didn't want to see, what would you do?

A. Grin and bear it and talk to them.
B. Are you joking?! Run and hide!!!
C. Try to avoid them and only talk when necessary.
D. Really avoid them. Like, if they walk towards you, walk the other way, and if they start to kind of run to catch up, you run, too.

5. If you learned your parents were spies, what would you do?

A. Try and take it as calmly as possible and try and find true evidence for it.
B. Not believe it. At first.


  1. D.

    I am mean!!! I'd {for 4.} would run away, but it'd most likely be a joke. :)
    My 4 current stories are begging for me to write them {I haven't gotten very far on the Protecters}, but I have writer's block! I'm afraid to write some horrible quality, but I want to write more {woes and confessions of a writer}!
    When you write a story/book, how many pages are they {most often}?

    1. Great answers!! Yeah, I probably wouldn't really have an answer on the last one, either........ that's just the book characters. :)

      Oh, man, I know what you mean!! I hate that when it happens. Especially when you love your characters and you think they deserve their story getting out there!! Hang on, Madeline! :) OK, so I read a book once that was 115 pages (yes, and it got published, and yes, I was younger, but still...... I like writing for younger kids, too). So I've always made all of my stories over 115 pages long. Usually over 140 pages. (that's small pages, so bear with me! It's because I've noticed that books never have pages that are as big as microsoft word pages. So I just make my pages smaller. True, the font goes to like 22, but hey...). So usually they're over 200 pages, but since I like writing for the 10-14 range, I'd say it's OK, as long as you get it over a hundred pages! (to get published for that age range)



  2. I remind you of Jess! Ohhh... I guess I better take the test and see if you're right. ;^D

    Probably C

    So who am I?

  3. It would be awesome to get one of my books published {not self published though - I feel like that's like giving yourself a high five in public}! Sadly, it's too likely I wouldn't openly seek it, though. Have you ever published one of your books?

    1. Yeah, it totally would! If you ever do, make sure to tell me. :) I'll ask my library to get it!! =D No, I haven't, but I'm hoping to soon. I'll tell you if I do!!

    2. Well, all I can say is tell me one day if you're ever famous. Then I can brag I know a famous person via internet. ;)
      I sure will! You do it, too, okay? :)
      {I'm Erica}

    3. hahaha I'll do the same thing to you. :)
      (I'm Jess) =D

  4. Oh my word, I can't believe I didn't add this!! OK, so mostly As and Cs are Jess. Mostly Bs and Ds are Erica.


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