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Story continued.....

...and slamming the hatch shut again. I heard the loud thud of the human hitting the ground. Then groaning. Then.....
  "Damien, really! Falling from there. And after I'd warned you, too!! Just shows how you should listen to your poor old father more. If you go and get yourself killed, then I'll never have any grandkids. NOW do you feel bad? Why are you lying groaning? What are you doing?! You aren't going back up, are you!?"
    "Somebody was up there, Father," groaned Damien. "It was all too fast, but they pushed me back down."
    "If they don't want to be bothered, then why on earth are you bothering them?!" demanded Damien's father.
     "Because... oh, for goodness sakes, you don't understand!"
     "No, I don't. Perhaps you'd like to explain it to me."
     "You're being too difficult, Father. It might be somebody who needs help."
     "Well, if they threw YOU down the hatch, I'd say that they don't need any help at all. You're not really a spring bird."
      "I'm just saying."
      I stuffed my dagger back into my belt and pulled myself back up to my room, shutting the door. I grabbed my bag out--a leather bag, made of deer's hide--and thrust a few essentials into it, hanging it around my neck. I wasn't going to leave unless the human kept on persisting.  Then I'd bring back an army of squirrels and we'd pelt them out of the forest, if need be.
       "Father, I finally got through the hatch!" so he'd found my kitchen. "Oh. There's nobody here."
       "Well, that'll teach your snoopy little nose! Now come on down before you hurt yourself again! You probably just went and whacked yourself. Now, come on down..."
       "Wait!" cried Damien. "There's another hatch.... I think I see another room!"
       "Damien, come down at once! What would you even do if you found somebody?"
       "Well, we'd take him back with us. He could live with you, Father, and keep you company."
       "What makes you think it's a boy?"
       "No girl's that strong," he laughed.
        Right. How little YOU know.
        I'd decided that I could probably take the little nut by myself. I heard the hatch rattle as he tried to get in to my bedroom. I prepared myself. This time, I wasn't going to hit and run. My plan? Well, you'll have to wait and see.
       The hatch burst open. Up popped a head of floppy brown hair. I struck out with my foot. He fell silently. I jumped through the hatch, landing catlike on the ground below. There was a gasp.
      "It's a girl!" shrieked the old man. 
      I looked to survey my two, hmm, should I even call them attackers? There was an elderly man with white hair pulled back in a ponytail and a white goatee. Spectacles perched on the edge of his hawk-like nose. He wore britches tucked into high boots, a loose white shirt, and leather jerkin with a belt wrapped around his stick-like waist. He had a cloak on with many pockets that looked stuffed.
     The kid, Damien, was lying on the ground, groaning (he seemed to like that spot, ha-ha). He was dressed similarly to his father, but this sleeves were shorter and his jerkin was made of cloth and dyed blue. He didn't have a cloak, but instead a leather bag. He had brown hair and I couldn't see his eyes because they were closed.
     "What do you want?" I demanded.
     "Oh my word!" squeaked the old man. "It's a girl!"


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