Flying......... flying has always been a dream of mine, ever since I was little. I frequently, though not as much as I would like, have dreams of when I can fly. If you haven't had those, then I'll tell you--those kind of dreams are the best dreams in the world. Since I was little, my favorite thing on the playground was the swing. I guess it's because when you fly up high, it's almost as if there wasn't a swing underneath you and you were the one flying, higher and higher, closer and closer to the sky, flying towards God. And sometimes when I'm off a swing, I just have an urge that I wish I could fly. Especially on windy days. On windy days I just feel as if I could push off and then I'd be flying through the sky, to Neverland or beyond (yes, I was a Peter Pan fan, but only because he could fly). The other day I was on a swing again. I felt myself flying up for the sky. I felt that yearning to fly. And maybe one day I'll fly with Jesus after I'm dead. Will you be there, too?

(Note: I say "maybe" fly, because I don't know when I die if I'll be flying with Jesus, or if I'll stay put). :)


  1. The only flying dream I remember from when I was little was when I'd do bad things, but then I'd fly up somewhere where my parents couldn't reach me. :)
    {Oh, and I remember another flying dream. But that one was disturbing . . . }

    1. I'm so sorry that you've had such bad experiences with flying!! When I have flying dreams they're really awesome. Except when I like start falling back to earth....


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