Be Born in Me

Whispers on the air.

Watch, my friend, as the fairies dance without a care.

I hear a dare.

You won't make it, little one. You can't make it to my lair.

I look down at my arm.

There's my bracelet, twinkling softly, every last charm.

I do not hear the alarm.

I glance around, but I am alone in the school, I cannot see the marm.

And then I know it.

I just cannot stay here, knowing the harm that shall come, just stay here and sit.

I must think of Kit.

I must go and save her, go look for her candle, see it again lit.

But I do not know if I shall see her.

For what if she is gone?

Then the only memory,

Shall be this song.

I close my eyes.

I must look for her, find her alive, before she meets her demise.

I look for her guise.

I shall go to her, throw off my cloak, my disguise.

And she is there.

I go to her, arms outstretched, leaving my chair.

Flying is her hair.

Eyes alight, both of us running forward, without a care.

And then I turn to Jesus.

I knew that he was there, always there, that he could see us.

"Thank you," I whispered. "Thank you for finding her for me."

"Be Born in Me," He whispered. "Be Born in Me."



be nice ∞ be kind ∞ be a hero

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