Looking Back

You felt a deep hurt,
As you walked away,
You thought you'd never come back,
As you left that day.
You thought you'd left for good,
Thought you'd left them behind,
But as you glance over your shoulder,
You wonder if you've changed your mind.
They're there, pleading with you,
Eyes brimming with silent tears,
You wonder faintly if you would miss them,
Their love not filled by peers.
But will they wait for you?
You don't know, as they wait.
You know you have to go back,
You just hope you're not too late.
You run back, arms outstretched,
And they're there for you,
Eyes are overfilling, arms are waiting,
Why you left you haven't got a clue.
And now that you're here,
You know you'll never leave again,
How could you have left them?
They're the only good in the world of men.
For without them you would have been alone,
But yet for the love of God,
Who has been here always,
Before the earth the angels trod.


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