A Chapter in which Wyn gets sent home (FINALLY!)

"But Lochinvar is noble!" the Lord cried. "So he'll come and save you!"

"Save your breath," I snorted. "He's off on the crusades."

"He IS!?" The man whooped with joy. "YES! This is EXACTLY what I needed!!"

"Uh..." I gave him a look. "Why?"

* * *

"Because with him gone," he continued, "I'll be able to marry Ellen! Don't you see?! Lochinvar isn't there to protest!"

I, however, was not so sure I wanted this guy to marry my sister. I mean, he'd just gone and KIDNAPPED me, for goodness sakes!! That hardly puts good feelings in the stomach. I glared up at the man. Whatever happened, I was NOT going to let this man marry Ellen, even if she did kind of deserve it.

"Alright," started the man, "you're set free. Guards!" he yelled. "Set Lady Wyn free and take her safely back to her castle!" He turned to me. "If you're questioned, just tell them that you were off wondering and my guards found you, alright?"

"And why should I?" I demanded.

He glared. "Because otherwise you'll rot here in my dungeons!"

Yes. This man was definitely not going to be marrying Ellen. I just wouldn't let it happen.

They set me free and put me on a horse between a huge company of soldiers, heading off towards my home--and Ellen.

Before I left, however, he lent a cloak since I WAS running around my pajamas. (That was the only good thing he'd ever done to me, and he was probably only doing it because of Ellen.)

When we got to my home, I was so sad that I couldn't tell my family about what had REALLY happened. I wanted to tell them that that guy was a scum and that whatever happened they just COULD NOT let him marry Ellen!! Oh, the horrible thought. He'd be my brother-in-law. So basically it was up to me to stop him.

But of course he hadn't said I couldn't tell Walt...


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