i need some contest ideas

i just listen to that "call me maybe" star wars remix again. *epic* anyway, so i saw you guys tied quizzes&contests and stories&poems again. and i was thinking maybe we should have another contest. how does that sound? (i'm also having a contest over at rubberboot girl, if you wanted to enter that....) so i was thinking--what kind of contests do you guys like the best? should i do a header contest, a book cover design contest, a photo editing contest, or a story contest? i'm not sure. please give me ideas.

thanks so much for the eighty followers, by the way! you guys are the best. <3

story updates--
rubberboot girl 2 is almost finished.
the unusuals 3 is at least started. (lol)
the agent files is finished, and i need to get it on here!
the second agent files is under way.
olivia mccarthy 2 is... floundering, to say the least. i'm working on it. =P
and i've got lots of new story ideas on the way.
keep an eye out. ;)

i'm really hoping that i get to do some more designing soon.... my design season has been slow lately. =P so you hear that? you need something designed? just talk to me! i can have it pull-off-able or you can email me. (email address-->my designing page) i'm learning more every day, and am so excited.

also, if you guys are kind of like me and like doing your own designs, you can ask me to do a tutorial post and i can help you out. (but i would also love to do it for you :) especially since some of the stuff i know is pretty complicated!!)

thanks so much.

be who God's calling you to be,


  1. I like the designing contests the best! =D

  2. My favorite kind of contest are definently design ones!!! I love any kind but book covers r my fav!!!!! I'm so glad that u r having another contest!!! *happy dance* :P

  3. I've only tried book covers . . . but any other challenge would be fun, because it might stretch me! Congratulations on getting 80 followers!

    1. Thanks! lol I think we're doing designing.....! =D

  4. I think it would be awesome if you could designing contests. I am with Brittney up there! LOL!

  5. I'd like a story contest :D
    Your Friend

  6. I love design contests!!! :) Oh, and I have some good news for you! I'm keeping my blog public! I wouldn't want to lose such a sweet friend as you ♥



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