AS--Damien's Scream

I looked at him, suspicious. "What do you mean?"

He shrugged.

"Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me..."

We froze at the sound.

* * *

"There's a pirate on the ground still," I mouthed to Damien.

He frowned like "What??"

I sighed and mouthed, "THERE'S A PIRATE ON THE GROUND STILL."

He frowned again.

Sighing, I came over and hissed in his ear, "THERE'S A PIRATE ON THE GROUND STILL!!! OK!?"

He nodded, whispering back, "OK. I thought you were mouthing, 'Care's a lirate on the mound pill.'"

Oh, dear.

"We've got to get moving," I hissed.

"But we've got to go check the pirate out," he pointed out. And before I could stop him he took off running through the forest, pretty intent on seeing that pirate and.... I shuddered to think of the rest of it.

I raced over him. Just as I was about to catch up, I tripped over something. Glaring at Damien's disappearing figure, I glanced down to see what I'd tripped on.

It was a bottle. Wow.

I threw the bottle against a tree and took off after Damien again. 

It was then that Damien's shriek filled the air.


  1. Hahahaha another cliff hanger after our last string of comments I knew that was coming.
    Your Friend
    Poem Girl :)


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