Pernisia and Rowan--a chapter in which Caleb gets slugged a lot

Hey, guys! Here's more of Sarah/Poem Girl's story and my story. (Pernisia chapters by her, Rowan chapters by me...)


“Caleb!” I shouted at my not so identical twin brother, he gave me a look and then pulled Rowan out. She didn’t look mad so much as flustered and surprised but I was sure when she recovered she’d be hopping mad I mean that’s how I’d be. I walked over to my brother and slugged him.

“Mmph.” he crumpled to the floor clutching his stomach. “Now Why’d ya have to do that?” He wheezed, “I was only fooling, and who is this girl anyways.” I glared at him.

“None of your business Caleb now will you please leave my room.” He rolled his eyes, and then offered his hand to Rowan.

“Sorry I was just curious I’m not really the rude little weasel my sister would have you think actually I was just curious.” Not to my surprise Rowan instantly grew upset. She slapped away Caleb’s offered hand.

“I can get up by myself kid.”

“Whoa!’ He stepped back. “How’d you meet this girl Nisia?”

“We met in…” Rowan started,

“School.’ I hastily broke in. “We met in School Rowan’s a new student.”

“School?” Rowan gave me another one of her. “You’re crazy and I’ve no idea what your talking about so just stop.” Looks, yeah I know that’s a long title but that’s what it was.
I just sighed and hoped she didn’t say anything that would make my brother think she was crazy.

“Nisia you’re up to something.” A suspicious glint lit in his blue eyes. “Bye.”
As soon as my brother’s curly blonde hair disappeared down the stairs I turned round and apologized to Rowan over and over again until she help up her hand exclaiming, “It’s fine, he already said he was sorry you don’t have to do it for him. Let’s just go okay.”

I nodded and she grabbed the backpack we’d put her old clothes in.

“Lead the way.”

I started out my door, but somehow I just knew that we’d encounter my brother again.


Of course I knew what a brother was. I just hadn't known that one could be so horrible! What kind of a person pulls another out of underneath a bed?!

"So where are we going?" I questioned.

"We're going to this park I know," Pernisia explained. "I don't know what you were saying about doors and emotions, but there's lots of emotions down there."

I groaned, stopping at the top of the stairs while Pernisia continued down. She turned back to me, frowning.

"What's the matter?" she queried.

"You don't understand," I told her. "I don't need emotions. I need an Emotion Door."

"What's that?" she wondered, her brow crinkling.

"It's..." I started to say.

"I'm coming." The annoying brother, "Caleb", Pernisia had called him, suddenly bounded down the hallway right next to me at the top of the stairs. He grinned. "You guys can't walk around New York City without an escort!"

I glared. "We don't need one. I can take care of us."

"I don't doubt it," he told me. "But a guy always makes a girl more safe."

I slugged him and turned towards Pernisia.

Her jaw had dropped.

"What?" I groaned.


  1. Storyteller,
    Before I write the next chapter...I was wondering if you had some particular reason for why Pernisia's mouth is hanging open and why Rowan groans "what" if not I'll make something up just wanted to know is all :)
    Your Friend

    1. Uh, because Rowan just punched her brother? =D

  2. Yeah, but Pernisia punched her brother too ;)they should be best friends by now.
    Your Friend

    1. TRUE, but it's different for a sister to slug her brother than to have her friend slug the brother. (lol) If you want, Pernisia could then burst into a grin and say, "We're best friends forever." Wherever you want to go. =D

  3. Okay :D but I'm definitely going to get those three out of the house
    I bet Rowan feels like she'll die if she staying in there a moment longer.
    Your Friend


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