The answers!

Hey, guys! None of you commented on the pop quiz, but I'm still going to keep up to my end of the deal and post the answers.... The answers are in bold.

1. What was the name of Arawyn's town that she was from?

A. Larawyn
B. Derbyshire
C. Caraton
D. Lochshire

2. What was carved on Arawyn's wardrobe?

A. Beautiful horses, blue moons, and flying clouds.
B. Shining suns, lovely elves, and mystical castles.
C. Magical trees, colorful flowers, giggling fairies, shy wood brownies, and anything else that ever captured my fancy!
D. Mischievous pixies, lovely maidens, valiant knights, charging horses, raging streams, falling waterfalls, and just about everything else magical! :)

3. What was the name of Arawyn's old friend?

A. Bardy.
B. Calder.
C. Beatle.
D. Why, Jim, of course!

4. What color hair and eyes does Damien have?

A. Brown hair and blue eyes.
B. Blonde hair and brown eyes!
C. Black hair and blue eyes.
D. Brown hair. I never said what color eyes he had.

5. Who took the Lost Princess?

A. Mostly likely a troll.
B. Duh! A goblin!
C. The rivaling king of another kingdom.
D. Mostly likely a wizard...

6. What was the king's name?

A. Benjamin.
B. William.
C. A name so long you'd never be able to pronounce it!
D. Something like, err, maybe Richard...

7. How old is Damien?

A. 17.
B. 18.
C. 16.
D. 19.

8. What were Damien and Brumby on their way to do when they met Arawyn?

A. They were on their way to consult some very wise people.
B. They were on their way to collect a ride--to get some Pegasus', to be exact!
C. They were starting their journey to get the Lost Locket.
D. They were looking for a companion. Apparently Arawyn fit the bill!

9. What were Arawyn and Brumby doing when Damien disappeared?

A. They were studying maps.
B. They were having supper.
C. They were about to go to bed.
D. They were speaking in Pig Latin!

10. How are Brumby and Damien related?

A. Brumby is Damien's uncle.
B. Damien is Brumby's grandson.
C. Brumby is Damien's father.
D. Damien is Brumby's sister's daughter's child.

11. What is Arawyn's weapon?

A. A bow.
B. A whole bunch of daggers.
C. A sling shot.
D. A spear.

12. What do trolls do to their victims?

A. Cook them into soup!
B. Squash them into jelly!
C. Eat them alive!
D. Eat? Are you kidding? Their victims are made into stone and are then turned into bookends. Yeah. It's barbaric.

13. What did Brumby get carried off by?

A. Gypsies.
B. Weirdo dwarves!
C. A troll.
D. Pirates!!


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    1. Thanks! haha apparently the pop quiz wasn't that popular. =P


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