The Masked Man Revealed! Oh, hola, it's Wyn...

The other guard quickly ran up the stairs, coming back down awhile later with a man dressed in black. 

"Who on earth are you?!" I demanded.

He slowly slid his mask off.

* * *

Truth is? I had no idea who he was. I'd never seen him before in my entire life! He grinned evilly at me. Wait a sec. NOW I was sure I knew what was going on here. I was SURE I'd seen that smile before.

"Remember me yet, Wyn?" he asked.

"It's Lady Mathusahumplaluckwyn to you!" I yelled. "Sheesh, dude, get some manners!"

"I have all of the manners that a young man should have," he announced, starting to pace. "I am the most perfect Lord in all of England." He banged his fist on the table. "Certainly more of a perfect Lord than that stinking Lochinvar!"

I stopped. "Wait, you hate Lochinvar?"

"Of course I hate him!" cried the Lord-whose-name-I-still-didn't-know. "He stole my love from me!"

I burst out laughing. "Wait, so YOU love ELLEN!? That's what this is all about?! Bahahahahahaha!"

"I see nothing funny about all of this," he sniffed.

"I do!" I cried. "This is hilarious! You guys both love Ellen, and so you went and kidnapped me in hopes of somehow getting her to love you! Though I really don't know how. That was kind of a stupid idea, sorry to say. I mean, she hates ME. So you might as well let me loose."

"But Lochinvar is noble!" the Lord cried. "So he'll come and save you!"

"Save your breath," I snorted. "He's off on the crusades."

"He IS!?" The man whooped with joy. "YES! This is EXACTLY what I needed!!"

"Uh..." I gave him a look. "Why?"

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  1. Ooooh, this is getting really interesting
    I was worried you were gonna do the
    same thing you did the last two times leave
    us with a super short story knowing apsolutely
    nothing at all *whoof* glad ya didn't :)
    Your Friend
    Poem Girl

    1. Actually, I kind of LIKE my reputation as the Cliff-hanger Queen. =D lol

    2. Ya but doing it all the time without really diving into the plot sorta makes it pointless and also it kinda makes ya loose
      interest I think this time though this is enough
      to get me by you can keep being cliff hanger queen
      just give us lots to think about while we wait for the conclusion
      to said cliff hanger :)
      Your Friend
      Poem Girl

    3. Ah, I don't know..... I like cliffhangers..... =D


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