AS--Damien's in a trap. Great.

I threw the bottle against a tree and took off after Damien again. 

It was then that Damien's shriek filled the air.

* * *
"Oh, great," I muttered, taking off at a sprint through the forest.

Damien getting into trouble definitely WAS NOT what I needed. We needed to go and rescue Brumby, get the locket, and then somehow find that princess!! Not get kidnapped by sky pirates that somehow got thrown off their ship!

I knew better than to yell anything. If the pirate was still there, he'd be waiting for me. Slowly, I crept through the forest, staying quiet and making sure that I didn't step on any leaves or break a twig. My eyes swept the landscape, but I didn't see any sight of Damien, or the pirate. I thought maybe that Damien had just fallen down a hole or something and probably had a broken leg when I heard the pirate's haunting song again, coming through the trees like a whispering wraith, making a shiver go down my back.

"Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me..."

I frowned, cautiously going forward. And then I saw him--dressed in grungy clothes, with stringy greasy hair, and an empty bottle beside him, cracked. An eyepatch covered one of his eyes, and the other was closed as he lay against a tree, moaning and singing.

I slowly pulled an arrow out of my quiver and put it into my bow, just in case. My eyes traced the ground for sights of a trap. I stopped when I saw that there was a trap that would send you flinging up into the air. Looking towards the sky, I saw a figure in what looked like a net hanging from the trees. It had to be Damien.

"Who're you, missy?"


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