The Agent Files Quiz

 Most of you have read the book by me, Piano Bookworm, and Hadassah called The Agent Files.

Now it's time to find out who YOU are!

The choices are...
Anna Turner (written by me)--she's the leader of the Junior Delta Squad 101. Rather impulsive and angered quickly, Anna is always trying to do what's best for her group, and gets easily annoyed by the leader of Junior Delta Squad 100.
Sarah Pearson (written by Piano)--she's the leader of communications. Quiet and nice, she's a great role model.

Jo Ben-Judah (written by Hadassah)--the Jewish second-in-command. A Christian, she struggles with the non-faith of her comrades.

You ready? Let's go! :)

1. If somebody was kicked off your squad and replaced by your least-favorite person, what would you do?

A. Being the leader, you try to convince your superiors to get her kicked off. If that doesn't work, you take things into your own hands....
B. You try to be nice, but it's not easy.
C. You get kind of angry, but then you settle down and shoot a prayer to God for them.

2. If you were in the Junior CIA, what would your parents know?

A. They'd know everything, because they're big CIA agents!
B. They only know that you're in it, but they're not allowed to know anything.
C. They're clueless.

3. What most describes your personality?

A. You get mad really quickly, but then you realize that you were horrible and apologize. And then moments afterward, you kind of get mad again. But then you apologize. But most of the time you're funny, strong, and commanding.
B. You're quiet and nice, and don't get mad often.
C. You try to do what's right, but you're so unsure of yourself.

4. Where is your biggest strength?

A. In your ability to lead.
B. In your ability to work with computers.
C. You don't really know what your talent is.

5. Which combination looks most like you?

A. Short brown hair, tanned skin, greenish-brown eyes.
B. Blonde hair, blue eyes, pale skin.
C. Dark hair and eyes.

6. If you found out that you had been betrayed, what would you do?

A. Be beyond-belief mad.
B. Think "how could they do this? There most be another explanation!"
C. Just can't believe it.

7. It's always been your dream to be...

A. The best at what you do.
B. Just have a normal life.
C. Have a God-blessed life.

Mostly As is Anna Turner.
Mostly Bs is Sarah Pearson.
Mostly Cs is Jo Ben-Judah.

Amazingly, I'm Anna Turner. Like myself. (Or which part I write.) lol =D

Thanks so much for taking the quiz!! I'd LOVE to hear who you were!!! :)


  1. No surprises here,
    I'm Sarah Pearson!

  2. I'm Sarah Pearson go figure :D

  3. Replies
    1. I see she's getting popular! =D thanks! :)

  4. Sarah Pearson! Love your quizzes!

  5. Wow, there are a lot of Sarah's up there! And I just joined them! :D

    1. haha yeah! Congrats! Apparently I'm the only hothead... =P

  6. I'm Anna Turner :P May I take the picture of her and put it on my sidebar?

  7. I'm joining the club: Sarah Pearson! Awesome quiz!


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