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several of my friends are saying that they can't load pictures up on their blog. i'm pretty sure that the reason is something that Poem Girl told me--you only have so much room for pictures on your blog. so, from now on, i'm not going to do pictures in any of my stories so that i can save them and use them throughout time, as i want this blog to keep on going for a long time. (some of the people talking about it had only just recently had their blog for a year, and i want this one to be here for years and years....)

anyway, i'm glad to tell you that i'm almost done with the third unusuals book. (never heard of the unusuals? please read my book!) actually, i'm about halfway through, but you're someone like me, that basically means it's almost done. (i got 150 pages or so, and it's supposed to go to like 303.... like the two first books.....) anyway, i was just so excited i had to tell you. :) oh, and guess what? i'm now planning on doing a fourth one! i was thinking i would stop it at the third, but then i wanted one where it was from Sonya, Maddie, Willow, and D's point of view. (sadly, Willow and D didn't make it into the third book. instead, we have Adrian and Zane. oh well.) i hope you're excited. :)

also, just to say, when i opened up the email ( for blog designing, it doesn't mean that i still don't do pulloffs. so if you want something made and you don't want to do email, please still tell me. :) thanks! i really appreciate it. (because if you didn't know, i love blog designing, so if you let me design your blog, you're doing me a favor. :))

anything else i need to mention?

i don't really think so.

oh, wait!

i kind of got the idea that you guys usually don't like poems unless they're in a larger post. is that correct? please tell me. i understand if you don't. (sometimes they're not the greatest works of mine... =P) and then you guys like the stories the best. (other than quizzes) right? please tell. ;) thanks!

i'll catch you guys later. :)


  1. I'm so excited about the Unusuals!!!! Hurry up:P

    1. haha i'm working on it, and loving it more all the time!!:)

  2. Hey Anna, long time no type {heheh, see what I did there?} ahem, anyway, I was trying to find the page where you have the Unusuals books? I wanted to re-read them {especially the ones with "my" character in them!} and I can't find it anywhere! Could you maybe point me in the right direction, please? Thanks!

  3. Hey, Willow! I know! So sorry I hadn't seen this earlier! The first book can be accessed here: Hope you enjoy! Have a great day! :)

    ~Anna :)


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