Interview with Codebearer Hunter Brown

Hello!! This is the first interview of Interviews of August, a new series that will continue throughout August of 2012. Our first interview will be with Codebearer Hunter Brown. Welcome, Hunter!

Hunter: Thanks, Storyteller!!

Me: So, Hunter--what's it like having an interview?

Hunter: Well, this is my first interview that I've ever had before, and so far it's going great! Though you haven't asked any hard questions yet.

Me: Well, yes, we just started. So, Hunter, what's it like having your story recorded and having possibly millions of people read it and be impacted by your amazing story?

Hunter: It's very life-changing. I'm so glad that people can read my story, though!! I hope that more people come to the Author, aka God, because of it.

Me: Well, that's great, Hunter! But let's backtrack some. What did you feel like when you accidently like almost killed Hope in the first book?

Hunter: I felt horrible.

Me: Which is to be expected. What was it like when you first realized that Rob had drawn the sign of the Codebearer on that piece of paper at school in the second book?

Hunter: Well, it was kind of shocking as I realized that other kids believed in the Author, too, and that they knew of the Codebearers.

Me: I could only imagine!! Well, Hunter, you have an amazing story. What was it like for you when your friends rejected you in the first book?

Hunter: (pained) It was hard. (struggles to look for the right words) But I managed to pull through it. But I felt very betrayed by them. It was horrible.

Me: I'm sorry you had to go through that. Now, Hunter, what were you thinking when you realized that Desi was a bad guy?

Hunter: Well, something like "oh, wow, this is NOT good".

Me: Well, thank you Hunter for your precious time! I really enjoyed that.

Hunter: Thanks for having me, bye guys!!

And that concludes our interview with Codebearer Hunter Brown. Give him a big hand, ladies and gentleman!

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