50s Writing Contest

OK, wow!! Thanks to everybody who's followed my blog. Welcome, Purple Pixie and Hannah!! I'm pretty sure I visited Purple Pixie's blog briefly, and since I'm going to be rather busy today, I'm hoping to visit your blogs soon!!!  (like maybe tonight or tomorrow) So, now Contests and Quizzes has pulled way out front!! I don't believe I have any contests going on on this blog (if you entered one and I haven't done it, please remind me!), and I've done lots of quizzes, so you know what that means?

Another contest, coming right up!!! =D

And this time, I'm going to put the award on the side of my blog so that I don't forget!! (I almost forgot about one on Dragonmaster... wow.......) And just to say, there's a story contest going on on my other blog, Dragonmaster!! Please click here to go and check it out!! (by clicking that you don't automatically join the contest. It just takes you to my blog. It is not dangerous). :)

So this is the 50s Writing Contest. You come up with a short story, characters, and small plot. The best story will receive this awesome award to display on their blog(s)!

(please click to enlarge)

Good luck! Bye!!

God bless,
The Storyteller


  1. Does it have to be themed? And how should we submit it?

    1. 50s theme. Just submit it with this post in the comments!


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