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Wow!! Book reviews finally got voted out!!! Thanks so much for whoever did that. =D OK, so I started a writing contest awhile back called Faith, Family, and God Writing Contest (or something like that). The sad thing? Nobody entered. :( Well, that's OK!! So now we're going to have to have a quiz. Well, sort of a quiz. ;) Let's call it the Writer's Quiz. The person with the most promising answers shall get an award!!!!

I might have to modify it, but for now, this is what you'll get! So don't forget to take it and put your answers in the comments with this post!!!

1. When you write a story, how many pages do you usually try to aim for?

A. Oh, just whatever--five pages or hundred, doesn't matter.
B. Maybe fifty pages, if I'm lucky.
C. At least over a hundred pages.
D. I'd die if I didn't have my story over three hundred pages!!

2. What's your writing style?

A. See one thing and immediately start writing on it, though you don't have a story plan.
B. You have a general idea (kind of), but it's not that long.
C. You get an idea and start writing, and the rest comes naturally.
D. You laboriously write down every single detail, and after you've planned everything out, then you start writing.

3. How do you develop your characters?

A. Throw your characters into the action before you really get to know them.
B. Draw your characters out, but you barely know anything about them still.
C. Try to develop your characters like they're real people.
D. Spend WAY too much time explaining everything about them.

4. How do you describe places?

A. What? I have to DESCRIBE them?????
B. I kind of do.
C. I give people enough so that it benefits the story.
D. I give so much that you're either so into the story that you freak out when my character gets stabbed or you're bored to death.

5. How do you like to end your stories?

A. A happy ending.
B. Everything turns out right, with minor loss.
C. I love to leave my people hanging for the next book!
D. Have people that you've grown to love while reading the book die.

That's all for now!!

Here are my answers: 1. C 2. C 3. C 4. C 5. C, A, B, and sometimes D!!!



  1. My answers:
    1. B
    2. A
    3. C
    4. C
    5. A

    ~ Jess :)

  2. For the first one: None of those. I normally get more than 2,000 when I write a short story {don't get me on about a book!}.:)
    D. or C.


    1. So you have your stories have 2,000 pages??

  3. I've been wanting to try this!!!

    My answeres are;
    D. (LOL.....)

    With the book I'm writing, I've been going crazy with the characters! Some of mine are my best friends, some of them could be my mortal enimies, and some I could see being family:-D

    Thank's for posting this! It's alot of fun:-D

    1. Great answers, Maddie! Thanks for taking the quiz!! =D Haha "stab to death" Well, I hope you don't stab Pike!! =D Yeah, sometimes book characters really have that sense of being real!! Oh, man, it was hard for me to kill off Grandma Beacon. :)

      Yeah, I'm glad you enjoyed it!!


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